do you believe in ghost or evil spirits? have you had a personal experience with any? SEE REACTIONS

Ifedi Chinenye Cindylove
I've seen one before @ school and I live alone.
A giant man that enters my room every night to pin me down on my bed.
Can't shout.
Can't talk
Can't move my body but when he manage to release me I'll see him as shadow via my wall standing there or sitting on my reading table.
I do call my dad whenever he comes and my dad will advise I put # Ogirisa and I still will not put it cos I hardly recognise it then...
Even if I say my rosary and wear it to sleep, it'll still come.
I've seen one at home too.
She came as my mum, she was standing beside our Echolacc thought it was my mum that was trying to arrange the clothes and I wanted to ask what was she doing there without a torch, she pinned me down and grabbed me by my neck could not breath for a while...
She left and I rushed to my dad's room to tell them what i saw.
My dad came out to urinate at night when he saw my 2nd sis eating bread at the dinning table around 2am or saw, my dad said he never said anything because he felt she didn't eat at night before sleeping...
My dad left and entered our room only to see my sister sleeping...
My dad rushed back to the sitting and still saw the ghost there, he zoomed off to his room to get a knife he always kept under his bed and when he came back, he didn't see the ghost again..
He tokd us when we woke up in the morning.

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