CASE 6: do you believe in ghost or evil spirits? have you had a personal experience with any?

Merito Vanto Merit
My girlfriend died in her hometown and was deposited in a mortuary for four days but the news didn't reach me. She died in kogi while I was in kaduna. When I got home from work I met her waiting for me, I was a bit unhappy because she didn't call before coming. I took her in and made her comfortable. After taking my bath I sat down to speak with her. She started crying and sweating profusely. I tried to enquire what was wrong with her but she won't let me. She kept crying and saying "why does it have to be now, why, why? " I was so confused and I don't know when I started crying. I asked her to tell me what is going on but she kept crying. I got tired so I went out to call my neighbor to help me calm her down. But when I came in with my neighbor she was no where to be found. We searched from the end of the street to another including the back of the house, no way, we asked the surrounding people if anyone saw someone like described but nothing. About 4 hours later I got news from her junior sister that she has died 3 days back, I fainted and was taken to the hospital where I was revived. I cried like a baby for almost 3 days and no one could console me. After I got home I remained in doors for two weeks and lost my job due to not responding to their calls.
After the burial I went back to kaduna, but I lost part of my self because of the love I shared with her. Till today I have not recovered from that experience

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