CASE 5: do you believe in ghost or evil spirits? have you had a personal experience with any?

Chioma Uwajubogu
Yes while in one of the biggest and famous hospital in town where i reside, years back while on admission in the hospital, by 1am wanted to ease myself with my moms help, we opened the door, right in the middle of the passage , we heard voices arguing, not one, not two, not three, sharing duties, shifting buckets etc my mom raised a song, ......the blood of Jesus, the blood that conquered satan .........we sang and they became silent, we passed in their midst and weren't hurt. So as early as 4am a nurse came to inject me, my mom said no way, they argued, my mom defeated her by saying I need to eat first and that her face was strange from those on duty, so the nurse left, later my mom went to make an inquiry if actually i had injection that morning, those on duty opened my folder and said none at all, they were shocked after my moms narration and description of the nurse. My mom charged up the more physically and spiritually to the extent one morning in the presence of other patients in the ward, i and my mom clearly heard an angel speak to my mom....."sister,sister welldone" we asked others, they said they didnt hear any.
Lesson to learn, never ever leave a sick love one alone in hospital especially at night or noon time mostly between 12-1pm, its a dangerous time. Ghost exists as well as angels. You have to be prayerful, wise and smart. Take note of nurses on duties when they come to handover during their wardround. That u encountered a ghost is never their business, they will disbelieve u to defend the image of their hospital.

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