CASE 3: do you believe in ghost or evil spirits? have you had a personal experience with any?

Chidubem Nwabia
yes I have experience it
one of my in-law who die for bike accident in Enugu more than two weeks they keeping his body in mortuary for two weeks without any of his family knows, i reside at Owerri with my parents this thing happen at 150 royce road Owerri, so am playing football with my street guys immediately he drive him bike block me the place am playing football he ask where is my father I told him my father is not around, immediately I saw a lot of wound in his body both leg and hands I ask him did you have an accident he say yes but the injury is heal small small, so he told me I want to go and see one of my uncle who live with us in that our street so I continue playing my football with my guys, in the night my father told me that one of him brother told him that our in-law is dead since two weeks ago at Enugu without nobody knows that his dead, immediately I started afraid I told my father I saw him today in front of our house the time am playing football with my childhood friends I saw a lot of wound in his body and him ask me about you I told him you are not around so him told me he want to go and see our uncle well live closer to our compound in that our street so Immediately my father went to that our uncle to go and confirm whether what i telling him is true. so our uncle told me my Father yes our in-law come his house today my uncle told my father he saw a lot of wound his body but the wound is heal small small after he told me he will come back again. so my father told my uncle that the person he saw is Ghost he died since two weeks ago

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