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To all my friends, who are internet marketing experts and wannabes.
Have you noticed something?
The bulk of the money made in your niche goes to those who are influencers/authorities in your niche?
It's so because the market in your niche has come to trust them, respect them, and obey them.
So whenever they say "BUY THIS", their audience hurry to buy without thinking twice.
Isn't that what you want?
Your answer is probably YES, because you also want to make money on demand.
But How Do You Become An Instant Authority?
It's simple: publish many books and reports in your industry.
You see, the more your publications, the more respect and authority you get...and the more your audience respect and trust you.
And if you give out these eBooks and reports for FREE, they will fall in love with you, and practically do anything you want them to do.
Yes, even if you tell them to buy SHIT, they wil buy...because they trust you.
But The Problem Is That Publishing A Book or Report Isn't Easy.
It takes a lot of days, or even weeks to do your research...especially if it's in a niche you're new to.
And when you are done with th research, putting everything together is a lot of work.
That's not all!
You will also need to spend hours designing the inside and outside pages to make it look professional and appealing.
Yes, You Can Hire A Freelancer Writer And Designers To Do These For You, But....
That will set you back by hundreds to thousands of dollars.
And if you have to publish often (which you should to build up the authority you need), then do the calculation and see what it will cost you over time.
But That Was Before Now
Yes, now you can publish very professionally written and designed eBooks and reports in any niche, in 60 seconds.
Yes, in 60 seconds.
I know it sounds incredible, but it's true.
All you need is to click some buttons, and this software will write the eBook or report you want, design it professionally for you, and publish.
It's as simple as that.
Sounds incredible?
sqribble to see the software in action
Trust me, there's no software like this anywhere in the world.
It is a must-have for anyone who runs any type of business online...or anyone planning to make any money online:
Digital Marketers
They can publish and sell eBooks with 3 clicks, and either sell it, use it as lead magnets, or give out as bonuses
Kindle Or Amazon Publishers
They can use the software to publish Kindle and Amazon books in 60 seconds and put it on sale. Of course, you know that the more books you have for sale, the more your profits
Freelancers Writers
Use the software to write premium eBooks, reports, and whitepapers in 60 seconds, and have them pay you $100-$1,000 for it.
eCom Marketers
They can use is to create professional looking white papers or product description for their products in just 60 seconds
They will need this software to create as many books as possible to reinforce their domain expertise in the mind of their clients.
Publish as many books and reports as you want with this software, and be known as the go-to person for that subject.
Use it to create educational materials for your students in just minutes.
Business owners
Use it to create manuals, whitepapers, product description etc in just few clicks.
As you can see, this is a MUST-HAVE software for everyone who sells anything online.
Fortunately, this software just got launched, and you can get access to it for an insanely low price.
sqribble to get lifetime access to it now.
No more spending days to weeks creating your own eBook or report…
No more wasting hundreds to thousands of dollars hiring freelance writers and designers to do the work for you…
Just use this software to create a high quality eBook, report, or whitepaper, in 60 seconds.
sqribble to see details

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