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How To Make Money As A Career Choiced Professional Blogger

How To Make Money As A Career Choiced Professional Blogger
I have got couple of complaints and questions of people who slide to my Dm to ask how do I make money on the internet, most bloggers are seriously broke and one cant keep charging your pc and subscribing to the your network provider just to be on the internet for nothing going into your bank account. l vividly saw this as a challenge every blogger must face and tackle with ease, most incoming bloggers believe google adsence happens to be the means of earning through impression on their blogs posts, but google adsence and other Ad networks are not worthy to be depended while blogging as a career, income coming from ad network program whether adsence or propeller ads should be saved as shares that is coming from an invested money fixed in a savings plan and not as a steady income. Reasonably if you glance and study the adsence program you wil find out that either you are blocked or your account has been suspended perhaps your earnings are poor, with this effect adsence is not worthy to sustain any blogger but rather render the blogger broke.
For any blogger to stand out your networth is of importance, every product creator online has a networth that is the amount he/she makes from his online business, as such every blogger is supposed to have a networth and sliding to the purpose of this piece every blogger should go back to the drawing board and ask this question "What can I do very well that others are not good at" every bloggers selling point is the area of his perfection, yes! you can write very well why not be an editor or a press writer. you can push your post to a high traffic site, why not charge people to sponsor their contents to go viral, you are very good at reporting, why not be a special correspondent to media channels. these are all perfection that worths income.
For you to be a boss blogger, wakeup and tell yourself I can blow through blogging, I shall not depend on adsence and the story will change, every blogger is a creator and something beautiful and substanable comes through creativity. choose your area of perfection and move ahead, learn to work with every informations around you in order to achieve your targets in wide space of blogging.
Best Regards,
lgboanugo Chukwunonso

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