Lets Teach You How To Advertise

I am Mr samuel Chukwu, I work with Ads4naira Media as Advertiser I am here to explain what is involve in marketing, Advertising and strategies to carryout to reach targetted audience.
Ads4naira media offers flexible plans and toolkit for advertising.
Web presence: this is the type of advert that contains writeups and pictures which is published on Ads4nairablog.com this form of advert is tend to target visitors who visit through google search.
(If you are Advertising With Ads4naira it cost 10,000NGN Lifetime Ad)
Programmatic Advert: this is the type of Advert that popup through Android apps that is installed on your system, it is a realtime advert strategy.
(If you are Advertising With Ads4naira it cost 350,000NGN Per Year Ad)
Maillist Blasting : This is a form of advert that contains a template of your products and services which is sent out in form a mail to a bulk mail addresses 247.
(If you are Advertising With Ads4naira it cost 100,000NGN Per year Ad)
Bulksms Phone Number Database: this is a type of Advert that contains text message of a products which is sent out to a particular phone numbers of a particular audience in a state.
(If you are Advertising With Ads4naira it cost 60,000NGN 3 Months Ad)
Facebook Ad. this a type of advert that works with the social media algorithm that rolls around users on facebook, it is easy to pay for facebook ad but it is not easy to get audience through facebook Ad, but Ads4naira media has strategic app we used in running facebook Ad to reach maximum audience.
(If you are Advertising With Ads4naira it cost 125,000NGN Per year Ad)
Classified Ads: This ad is particularly a call to action advert, that the customers tend to reach the seller through contacts that is phone numbers, this advert has been the best and surest advert if you dont have target of contact.
(If you are Advertising With Ads4naira it cost 190,000NGN Per year Ad)
Instagram Ads: instagram has been all interest app for marketing in all times to post and advertise products with pictorials, advertising on instagram is a great means to drive potential customers you won't live to connect with.
(If you are Advertising With Ads4naira it cost 198,000NGN Per year Ad)
Whatsapp Ads: this form of adverts popsup on Whatsapp messenger, it has to do with addition of links to run a campaign ads, this link can come inform of a whatsapp group link or website it has been the best app for Multi level marketing advertisiers.
(If you are Advertising With Ads4naira it cost 100,000NGN Per year Ad)
Opera Mini, BBM, Others Ads: This are interristerial ads that appear in form of graphics or flash while browsing and surfing a webpage online.
(If you are Advertising With Ads4naira it cost 1,200,000 NGN Per Year Ad)
Training is Online Via Whatsapp
(With Presentations and Webinar Video call That Can Accommodate 4 Participants Live Via Video Call)
Training fee = 10,000NGN
Phone number databases
Each state from the 36 states = 20,000NGN
(20,000 * 36 = 720,000NGN Gives you the total number of budget of you are buying the 36 states phone number database.)
Bulksms Unit= 5:00NGN Per Contact
Programmatic App: All Countries Targets Cost N150,000
Facebook Strategic Ad App: This app reduces your normal facebook ads, it comes with a custom options of where you will setup your ads on how you want it to run and it drives potential customers. it is fkexible and affordable = 55,000NGN
Instagram Ads App Egine costs 76,000NGN
Maillist costs you =15,000NGN Per 10,000 mails.
Web presence Requires an Search engine optimization blog.
• To sponsor a post on Ads4nairablog.com •
Written Post = 45,000NGN
Unwriiten Post = 150,000NGN
Opera Mini , Bbm, Website, Messengers Ad Engine Cost = 240,000NGN

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