How To Package Your Career.

How To Package Your Career.

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To Package yourself is not a crime...Not when other people are blowing big grammar in the name of their occupations, you'll be starring at them!

I've made it easy for you, scroll down and find out where you fall in. 

Memorize and in-fact cram it well. When next you re with people and they hear your job, they'll be wondering what foreign university you graduated from! 

The list below: 

*Gardener : Landscape Executive Officer (LEO) 

*House Maid : House Upkeep Manager (HUM) 

*Receptionist : Office Access Control Manager (OACM)

*Typist : Printed Document Handler (PDH)

*Messenger : Business Communications Conveyor Specialist (BCCS) 

*Window Cleaner : Transparent Wall Technician (TWT) 

*Temporary Teacher : Associate Tutor (AT) 

*Tea Boy : Refreshment Specialist (RS) 

*Garbage Collector : Public Sanitation Engineer (PSE) 

*Watchman : Theft Prevention & Surveillance Officer (TPSO) 

*Driver : Automobile Propulsion Specialist (APS) 

*Maid : Domestic Operations Specialist (DOS)

*Employee without Portfolio : Administration Manager (AM) 

*Cook : Gastrointestinal Nourishment Management Executive Officer (GNMEO) 

*Barber: Dead Scalp Cells Removal Specialist (DSCRS) 

*Unemployed : Town Surveyor (TS) 

*Gossip : Research & Communications Manager (RCM). 

Bad Belle pple: Research, Analysis & Criticism Specialist (RACS) 

Local Drunk: Alcohol Testing & Maintenance Executive (ATME) 

Mechanic: Automotive Fault Tracing & Correction Engineer (AFTCE) 

Tailor: Culture Fabrication Specialist (CFS) 

Politician: Public Funds Diversion Expert (PFDE) ....!!!

Don't be ashamed of the work you are doing. Just package yourself��� [

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