High Tech Gadgets Nigerian Police Should Adopt For Effective Functionality

High Tech Gadgets Nigerian Police Should Adopt For Effective Functionality

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The only way to effectively fight crimes is to be smarter than the criminals. It’s no news that our police is one of the most unattractive in the world despite huge financial investments by the government and other cooperate organizations. That’s not to say that the police is completely backward, no. At least I’m aware our police have started tracking stolen phones and stolen cars mounted with GPS trackers among other little things. These baby steps are commendable but we can do more. These equipment can help save lives of policemen, fight crimes more effectively and they are already been used in other countries. Please don’t say Nigeria is not ready for such technology, when are we going to be ready?

1. Body cameras:

There’s so much allegations against the police that it’s men are abusing their powers. To curtail abuse of powers by the Nigerian policemen, the police have tried the little they can by providing channels to report such officers but despite that, these crimes still happen everyday. The only way the public has decided to fight this is to record with their smartphones from afar and post on social media and pray the video trends enough to get attention of the police headquarters. Body cameras will greatly reduce such abuse of power by the police and provide complete transparency so everyone can see exactly what transpired between the officers and the victims. It can also refute false claims against the officers and can be used to record victims statements as evidence in court. These cameras can record high resolution videos even at night and can be attached to their uniforms, helmets and also transmit to the police headquarters . Yesterday some policemen were shot in Abuja by unknown gunmen, if those officers had body cams, the gunmen would have been known.

2. Robotic camera:

Stories of our policemen running away during gun-battles is so rampant that the public has almost lost confidence in their abilities to combat crime, but you can’t blame them. The job is risky enough. Imagine if there’s a robbery operation going on and instead of policemen going directly into the line of fire, a robotic camera being remotely operated is sent to run surveillance on the crime scene and detect their hideout while the policemen can operate from a safe distance. This will save lives of policemen on such a dangerous crime scene. On eBay, you can find it cheap. Human life is certainly worth more than this toy.

3. Automatic Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR):

The only reason this will not really work in Nigeria is lack of appropriate database system, the technology is a simple one. It’s just a software and a dashboard camera on the police car, run the plate number through the police criminal database records and identify the owner of the car in seconds, simple! This technology has helped police is other countries recover countless stolen cars, arrest wanted suspects etc. No need for stop and search or unnecessary harassment, mounting roadblocks and causing traffic. It can be used to identify stolen cars, gather intelligence, track movements of criminals etc. The 150 GAC cars top industrialist Mr. Dangote donated to the police would have been perfect for this job !

4. Camera equipped Drones:

It is also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) .If Nigerian churches are flying drones and using it to cover their events, why can’t the police use this technology. It’s not even a new technology, its been around for years. It helps to put the policemen out of harms way, It helps the police get a better view of a crime scene especially where it is too risky or chaotic to approach. You can see them but they can’t see you. It can also be used for search and rescue of kidnapped victims, aerial survey, and much more. There’s nothing wrong if Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and middle-belt states are assigned 20 drones each while other states are assigned 10 each.

5. Customized Tablets

Instead of police recording statements with pieces of papers or 40 leaves exercise books, Officers can use customized tablets to record their initial information from a crime scene, take statement from witnesses, and take pictures of a crime scene into the tablets and upload it wirelessly straight into the police server, looking up photos of suspects and accessing information in a state crime database. It will help build an accurate database for the police and help better investigation. Also there are a lot of Apps that can be installed into the tabs that will help police fight crime better examples include fingerprint, facial recognition softwares and so on.

6. High Tech Assault rifles:

Why will our police be carrying out-dated AK 47 wrapped with cellotape in 2018? And you expect them not to run away in the face of superior fire-power, impossible. The armory of the Nigerian police should be fill with assorted automatic rapid rifles such as the Uzi, Famas, latest model AK-47,Heckler & Koch G36 etc This will not only boost their confidence but that of the general public.


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