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7 Things Whites Think When They Hear Africa

The western world has a great misconception about Africa. It is really very funny when you meet some westerners online and they think Africans are barbarians. Perhaps it is due to some of the images they see about the continents on news networks. Sadly, what some of these westerners fail to understand is the fact that Africa is a beautiful continent. This article will focus on the things Westerners think when they hear Africa.
7 Things Westerners Think When They Hear Africa
#1. Africans Live On Trees
One of the things westerners think when they hear Africa is that we live on trees. It still a puzzle while some people from the western world will think that Africans live on trees.
For Clarity sake, Africans don’t live on trees or forest. Rather they live in houses with modern infrastructural facilities.
#2 Africans Are All Dark Skinned
Another great misconception the westerner world has about Africans is the fact that they are all dark-skinned. This is not correct as they are people in Africa that are light skinned.
As a matter of fact, people from countries like Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt etc are all light skinned and they are Africans.
#3 Africans Are TechnoPhobe
The Westerners believe that Africans are Technophobe. In other words, they know nothing about Technology.
They believe that an average African can’t even operate a computer. Yeah, that is how bad it is.
#4 Africans Live in Bush
Some Westerners still believe that Africans live in the bush. In fact, most of them believe that there are no beautiful houses on the continent.
Perhaps some of the movies they watch about Africa make them believe that the continent is inhabited by savages. This is not true, they are beautiful and modern houses in Africa, some of them are more beautiful than the ones in the Western world.
#5 There are no beautiful houses
If you are having this misconception about Africa, you better erase it now. They are beautiful mansions on the continent.
As a matter of fact, there are 5-star hotels on the continent that dignitaries from the Western world live when they are on an official visit to the continent.
#6 Africa Wear Barefoot
On a serious note, “this one weak me very well”. The Westerners believe that Africans are so poor that they can’t even afford to buy a shoe.
This is a wrong impression they have about the continents. Africans wear the fashionable and trending shoes. Name the shoe brand, we wear it in Africa.
#7 Africans Beg For Food
This is also one of the things westerns think when they hear Africa. This is not true, we don’t beg for food in Africa, rather we grow food.
Most people living in rural areas here in Africa eat more than three times a day and they are all happy.
These are some of the things Westerners think when they hear Africa. Share this article on social media and prove to the world that Africa is a civilized continent.

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