This is UNN Bad State Of UNN Boys Hostel.

Bad State Of UNN Boys Hostel.

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This is UNN
This is the boys hostel
Look how we leaving now
Look where we leaving now 
This place is not conducive now

Look at the wirings
Everybody be engineer now
Illegal connection everywhere 
You no fit sleep for night without running out for fire alarm o! 
The wires are burning and sparking and totally putting lives in danger o! 

This is UNN
This is our hostel
Look where we sleeping now
Every bed is a bed bug nest 
Sleeping for night na big privilege, cuz night here is so terrible o! 
If bed bug frustrate u eh, u go no say Jesus is Lord o! 

This is UNN
This is our hostel
Look at our roofing o! 
Roofs are off for vacation o! 
SUG looking and nodding and end up giving empty promises o! 
Talking about SUG, that one na de biggest scam of the century o! 

This is UNN
This is our hostel
Look at our white house(toilet) 
That place is dangerous
That place is powerful
Infact that place is savage

This is UNN
This is our hostel 
Look at our WIFI 
That one na deception o! 
If u dey download picture, you go wait until u graduate o! 
Immediately u go press download u go see 14B per month o! 

This is our hostel 
Smell go drop u dead o! 
Boys wey dey hostel don forget the smell of fresh air o! 
Mosquitoes, wall geckos Infact u go think say u enter zoo o! 
But finally finally sha, na we dey the real den o! 
Dem say we be lions but hostel is Sampson and is tearing our mouth o! 

This is our hostel
Laptops and phones we dey lose on a daily
Security is a joke o! 
Girls hostels dey inside town, our own for ghetto o! 
Girls came to study, but guys came for military training o! 
UNN boys hostel is a savage, make them do something abt it o! 


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