"Martin Elechi, The Elder With Reproach" - Ebonyi Government Slams Ex Governor

"Martin Elechi, The Elder With Reproach" - Ebonyi Government Slams Ex Governor 

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By Philip Nweze

Granted that there is wisdom in the saying that silence is golden, in most cases it is noble to speak out lest fools take their foolery as wisdom.

I was brought up to extend respect and courtesy to elders but an elder must endeavour to conduct himself like one, otherwise the people will equate him with children and treat him as such, no matter how highly placed.

The question, which most people kept asking is what the former governor, Chief Martin Elechi will gain to see his protege and successor fumble and disgraced out of office. All comments emanating from Elder Elechi in recent times are always targeted at his successor.

Chief Martin Elechi, former governor of Ebonyi state ought to be a father figure in Ebonyi politics, but no. Within the past three years, his stock in trade has remained creating serial infractions. His ambivalent position in matters relating to the health and harmony of Ebonyi state is simply unfortunate.

His preference for a rival governorship candidate in the 2015 governorship polls in Ebonyi state and his subsequent failure to achieve this distorted ambition has set him on a war path. Ever since, he has never hidden his disdain for his predecessor, David Umahi. His obvious romance between Dr Ogbonnaya Onu and his motley crowd of failed politicians is borne out of a very patriotic determination to sabotage the present government.

Every public statement he makes these days is calculated to hurt his former Deputy, now Governor. It seems he wakes up everyday plotting his political downfall. He has faulted every procedure adopted and every developmental initiative conceived by the present government. Name them. The Ring Road project which would further enhance connectivity and economic activities in the state, triplet flyover construction, cement pavement technology concrete roads and so on. He has never believed that the Governor has done anything right since he held sway as leader of the state.

Chief Elechi has engaged the Governor in gladiatorial combat from every front. He has unleashed the combined prosecutorial might of EFCC and ICPC on Umahi's government and its organs, all to no avail. He has equally displayed a disturbing appetite for malice, never before seen. Every good thing Umahi does flies in his face with nauseous odour. Even when the governor has been recognised globally for his record of excellence in various pursuits, Chief Elechi strictly categorizes him as an underperformer, even when the feats are there for all to see.

Can Chief Elechi rewrite history? NO! Can he reverse the will of God? NO. What did Elechi himself do for the masses during his eight years walk along the paved political walkways of Ebonyi state. The civil servants got their salaries at his mercy. He fired but never hired. He witch hunted and dismissed many according to which ever side the pendulum of his mood swings.

The truth is that Governor Umahi has tried to effectively cope with the quantum of responsibilities required from him even as a young administrator.

Chief Martin Elechi has positioned himself as one of the viruses eating deep at the peace and progress of Ebonyi state which leaves much to be desired from an elder.


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