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He Did Not Enjoy Intimacy With Me, And Concluded I Am Cheating

He Did Not Enjoy Intimacy With Me, And Concluded I Am Cheating

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 This men though, shout out to all the married women out there who know/ feel they are doing well in this school called marriage, but still getting an F by their examiner the hubby.

After 6years am still not getting it.

I used' to be the sex lover, who I loved intimacy with him from our dating ratings till recently, I won't deny the fact that I observed am loosing it gradually, easily put off, easily tired, not always in this mood, I just want to get in bed and sleep, (I sincerely never saw this day coming, knowing how sexually active I used to be) but whatever, I still make sure am available, i just don't really participate. But does this mean am cheating?

Hubby woke me around 4am and wanted us to get down, I was tired, i just started this new business (logistics) it's taking a ton out of me in a different way, once am tired, nothing gets wet, everywhere is dry and tight. He wanted it from behind, usually I can deal without my vibrator, but I just wasnt in the mood, so I didn't use my vibe, I just took it in that way, it was painful and uncomfortable for me, but I wanted him satisfied.

After we weere done, he said to me it's no more like before, are you cheating on me, and since then hubby has been Moody and all gloomy, I tried to hold a convo with him, but he just isn't interested, all he knows is once my private part doesn't feel the same, them am automatically cheating. I don't think that's fair, what happened to finding out what's wrong with this lady that it seems she is loosing what she used to have, what happened to seeing It from a positive angle.

Am not happy at all, I want to leave him to get over it, but then again I taught, it's not the first time he is asking me if am cheating, claiming the place feels different, when it feels loose, he would say something is different.

Okay here I am stating in 6 years I haven't cheated, sexually or any way possible. So if my body changed, i dont know why it did, if my pussy hole feels larger, i dont know what changed, sometimes am tight sometimes am not, i don't want to be tagged what am not, or to suffer for what am not even close to doing, cause if he wants to make you suffer like he will do it so well, you wont know when you will start begging him to forgive you for what you didn't even do, so please sex therapist in the house come and look into this for us from a different angle other than cheating, hopefully he sees this and reads comments.

Body changes does not automatically mean she's cheating. Men!!! Stop doing it

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