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Common Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Common Job Interview Mistakes To Avoid

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 I am sure you don’t need a soothsayer to know that the Labour market is very competitive. This is due the number of unemployed graduates out there. However, sometimes you get relief when you receive an interview invitation. But it is really disappointing when the whole process is not successful. Sometimes, job seekers unconsciously ruined their own interview because of certain mistakes. Therefore, this article will educate our readers on the 7 common job interview mistakes to avoid.

Ordinarily, when a candidate is invited for an interview, he/she is one step ahead of getting the job. But one innocent mistake can change everything. I remember how I failed my first interview woefully. It was a terrible experience and I wouldn’t want any job seeker to have similar experience. This is why we have come up with this write up on 7 common job interview mistakes to avoid.

List of 7 Common job Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Below are the 7 common job interview mistakes to avoid. Your next interview will land you your dream job, if you avoid these mistakes.

Dressing Shabbily
Your dressing code is an important factor recruiters consider while interviewing candidates. Though you have to dress in accordance with the position you are applying for, but try to be formal and professional. Your worst mistake is to wear an informal dressing to an interview. It will make you look unkempt and lost your confident.

Late Arrival
The easiest way to ruin your interview is to arrive late. Lateness is definitely a good way to piss your interviewers. Try as much as possible to be punctual in any interview as it is the you are creating about yourself. As a matter of fact, when you are late for an interview, it is an indication that you are not serious. This is definitely the first step in failing your interview.

Showing Off

Showing off is among the common job interview mistakes to avoid. No matter how qualified and smart you are, try to keep cool and remain humble. Priding yourself too high is an indication that you won’t take instruction. Actually, you don’t need to show yourself before an interview knows that you are good. So, the more prideful you are, the more the interview tries to get you out of the link. And no organization certainly want to work with pride people. You see! always keep it cool.

Presenting False Resume Facts
This is another area where most job interview candidates are thrown out of the race. What job seekers fail to understand is that recruiters will always outsmart their moves. This is why they will present to you a form to fill all the details in your resume. Guess what? if there is a slight variation from what you presented on your CV, Boom! you are out the game.

Using Phone During an Interview
I mean no disrespect, but some interview candidates are really funny. Some of them actually use their phones while the interview is going on. This is a pure indication of indiscipline, lack of devotion to work and above all lack of diligent. Therefore, if you really need that job, don’t answer any call. In fact, activate your phone on silent mode until you leave the interview venue.

Talking Too Much
Try as much as possible to talk less. In fact, go straight to the point and stop bugging your interviewer with unnecessary details. The downside of talking too much in an interview is that you end up spoiling the nice things you said earlier with controversial statements. Just give a straight answer without details except you are required to do otherwise.

Lack of Passion
Recruiters need people who are very passionate about the job. So, try to be very passionate and eager during the interview. You may be considered based on this. No employer will want to engage a staff that is clearly not passionate about the job.

These are the common job interview mistakes to avoid in your next interview. These mistakes have caused many people their chances of getting juicy offers after getting so close. Don’t fall victim to these mistakes, watch out for them in your next interview.

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