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AI Report On Nigeria Army Biased, Unpatriotic – PBM

A civil society organisation, the Professionals for Better Nigeria (PBN),has described the recent report on the Nigerian Army by Amnesty International (AI) as not only biased but unpatriotic and a smear campaign of calumny against the hard fighting and patriotic Nigerian military. A statement jointly signed by the national coordinator, PBN, Diokpa Obi Iwanka and his publicity secretary, Comr. Chimeze Oyiuke said the recent report on the Nigerian Army was not only malicious, mischievous and a fallacy but a wicked lie from the pit of hell, cooked up allegedly by AI to paint the Nigerian Army as rapists at the camps of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). The CSO alleged that the crime of the Nigerian Army was not allowing the Boko Haram insurgents to override the territory and occupy the Nigerian state. The statement reads in part: ‘’The reports by Amnesty International against the Nigerian Army is a systematic ploy and agenda orchestrated in order to change the narrative against the Nigerian Army and win the support of its citizens in the fight against the Boko Haram insurgents. ‘’It is on record that whenever the insurgents have an upper hand, the AI says nothing, but when the Nigerian Army is having its way on ravaging and decimating the terrorists, AI comes into the foray, to bash and accuse the Nigerian Army of crimes against humanity. ‘’It is obvious that AI has continued to undermine the sovereignty of Nigeria by leading a psychological war on terror against the people of Nigeria while the insurgents are on the battle front to capture the territories. ‘’The continued attacks by AI and its cohorts have lend credence to the belief in the public domain that AI have fallen short of its mandate by championing the course of terrorists, defending criminals, and criminalities across the country.’’ PBN stressed that the deliberate blackmail, witch-hunt was unfortunate and mischievously carried out by AI against the Nigerian Army since 2011. It said, ‘’The said report is not only spurious, wicked and mischievous but a fabricated fallacy by a frustrated human rights body in its deliberate plans to change the positive and proactive narrative of the Nigerian Army and portray it in bad light by undermining its constitutional responsibilities in favour of the Boko Haram insurgents, for its own personal agenda and self-serving.’’

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