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5 Reasons Women Agree To Be Side Chicks.

5 Reasons Women Agree To Be Side Chicks.

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 Some weeks ago I had a hard time convincing a girl to date me. It was hard convincing her because I told her from the beginning I already had a girlfriend and that was because she asked. She eventually agreed to be my side chick after giving me a hard time. Using this thread, I want to discuss 5 reasons women become side chicks.

This is probably the number one reason women become side chicks. The lure of financial health is too tempting to reject. Isn't it better to be financially stable as a side chick than not to be as the main chick, for a certain period of time?

Some men are blessed with an alluring personality that is an envy of women. Some women so feel a sense of achievement going out with a man with an alluring personality that they see it as a thing of pride. Among other women, they talk about it and express their pride.

Some women just feel the extra thrill that comes with dating another women's men. This extra thrill is their incentive.

Other women enjoy the freedom to go out with other guys whenever they want to. A woman is free to quit the relationship without much ado too.

When a woman is lonely as a result of a lack of a lover, she might want to be a side chick.

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