Woman fat-shamed by bakery customers gets revenge by buying all the cupcakes

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A woman fat-shamed at a bakery ended up spending $54 buying every single cupcake in the store to get back at the woman who taunted her.
Vega Blossom was waiting in line at her favorite bakery when she overheard an older woman standing behind her say “Let’s hope this fat b***h doesn’t buy all the cupcakes.”
The 19-year-old had originally planned on buying only six cupcakes, but then decided to purchase the shop’s entire stock of 20 to teach the rude onlooker a lesson.
“When I heard the nasty things the women said, I honestly wanted to cry,” the Indiana native said. “It really hurt my feelings.”

Vega was fat-shamed while at a bakery. (Photo: Caters News)

“How could these grown women be so mean to someone they’ve never met, let alone talked to?
“Growing up [as] a chubbier girl, I always got snide comments about my weight from people who, for some reason, think it’s their business.
“Things like this usually wouldn’t bug me, but the fact that I didn’t know these women, and they said this so rudely and loudly — so I could obviously hear it — was different than other times.”

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