Shipping Container Of Product From China To Nigeria

the manufacturer is to find the shipping companies available in their country and give you available options and prices. You choose and pay (if it's not free). Recommended shipping company in the mini importation threads, almost $20,000 because they charge per kg but if I use a container shipping company it is gonna cost me far far less... Around $1200-$3500 to ship a container from China because the shipping company charge per cubic meter.
I am not sure yet as this just research I found via googling and one Nairaland thread from 2010 showed up where someone quoted $1200 and another quoted $3500 or there about.

do u have a Chinese agent? Have you chosen a product or know where to buy from or is this your first time at importation? Its always preferable to use an agent.

1. I want to know the average price of shipping a 20 FT container from China to Nigeria; there should be a range which can give us faint picture of what to expect and the processes involved.
2. The necessary procedure that is needed to clear the container at the port, which mostly entails paper works and their fees.
In the meantime, I found an automatic shipping calculator that gave me a rough price point (+/-) for shipping from China to Nigeria. I am not certain about the veracity or accuracy of this auto-calculator. According to this link, it will cost $2378 to ship a 20FT container from China to Nigeria, which is roughly 800k. Clearing fees at the Nigerian port is not included. I am guessing that 1M-2M naira will do everything. online calculator for global usage and I love it. With this calculator, you can use it to know the estimated cost of shipping between origin port and destination port, though subjected to some extra charges/fees such as duties and taxes, but that will not be much (+/-).
Basically, you are expected to input the origin port( which you can get from your supplier or manufacture or Chinese agent). You will also need to input the destination port between Apapa, Onne and Tincan port.
Next is to input the total cost or value of the whole product that you are shipping. If you are import 1000 units of a tool for instance and the total cost of the 1000 unit is $25000, just input it in the "commodity value" box.
On the right side bar, you are to select the "Load Type" for your container, either FCL or LCL
[FCL = Full Container Load. LCL = Less than Container Load, aka Groupage. They are two of common shipping terms used in the international logistics industry for export and import ocean freight cargo. LCL means you share space with others, also share cost.]
The FCL is used if your goods can occupy the whole container but if you are buying lesser quantities of a product such that it can only occupy half or less of the container, then you should use LCL wherein you can share a container with other importers.
The website is
When I did demo to get estimated shipping fees, it gave me a range of $2,170.70 - $2,399.19 as my estimated shipping fee. If we decide to add other fees such as taxes and duties, we might be looking at $3500 total to handle this.

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I will suggest Maersk Nig. Ltd i see lots of containers in their name and they have been into existence for long. Thank you for reading

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