Why Artificial Intelligence Selfless Driving Cars is Not Safe

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The Artificial intelligence Selfless driving Cars are not that smart and intelligent. Artificial intelligence cars are programmed to drive itself and navigation mode for the driver to control the car, humanity is never perfect, so shall artificial intelligence has never been helpful but interesting. programmed gadgets like ATMs sometimes, are malfunctional not to talk of Selfless driving car. in 2018 United state Arizona they was a history of a selfless driving Uber car that knocked down a 40s year Old woman while riding a bicycle, it was revealed that the car was on selfless driving mode when that incident happen. Artificial Intelligence selfless driving cars has been programmed to use sensors that identifies roads,objects,houses,structures,human being and signs. greater number of Selfless driving cars don't obey traffic rules, and human are ment to control every driving car to obey and keep to traffic signs and rules. Sequel to the incident that happened 2018 in Arizona it was said that a driver was present inside the car at the scene of the accident, in this episode I would like to give a clear discription that selfless driving car dosen't provide maximum car user control system, for this reason selfless driving cars shouldn't be trusted in the road for safety. Life is too short to acquire a selfless driving car that will take your life, for those who use selfless driving car is advised to always switch to self driving mode to maintain safety of life and property, most of movies I have watched where artificial intelligence cars are used, those technology sometimes fail so to be on safer side use a self driving cars instead of selfless driving car. in the incident of the accident in Arizona who should be penalized for the death of the woman who was knocked down, is it the car manufacturers or the driver, if you vividly analyse that incident you will find out, that the investigation was closed. That remains the better reason why we should'nt acquire artificial intelligence selfless driving cars.

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