"Ponraele: A Ponmile Cover" By Kayefi: Another Promotion Of Domestic Violence

"Ponraele: A Ponmile Cover" By Kayefi: Another Promotion Of Domestic Violence

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In my previous article (more like scribbling) her I spoke about how the track Ponmile by Reminisce although had a nice tone and was cool but the video missed it as it promoted domestic violence and such should not be promoted.

Now some people have done different covers and while some were great, others were not too good but this one by Kayefi struck me as needing attention. The video was cool too and they did their best to have a remake of the room in the original and the lyrics were fabulous.

Lines like "ta lo fe certification ofo?" meaning "who wants a isueless certification?" Which is a fight and stance against society saying a woman who is not married is not responsible. 

"Toke Makinwa'n jaiye nigboro" meaning "Toke Makinwa is enjoying her life" which was refering to Toke Makinwa who divorced and is enjoying her life which implies that a woman can be divorce and be happy. Because as long as a marriage is not enjoyable and abuse has been introduced, the woman should not stay but chase her happiness. 

But like Reminisce, she also went to show the woman being violent against the man. While a lot of people will claim it was just a shake, it is wrong. People need to learn to keep their hands to themselves and not be physical. Call the police, get a divorce but domestic violence against either the man or the woman should never be encouraged and Kayefi missed it in this video. 

Personally, I will have preferred if violence part was removed totally and instead the woman reported her husband to the authorities and he is arrested and jailed. That us how to effectively respond to these thing not by descending down to the level of the attacker. 
Here is a link to the video

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