How to Set Instagram direct scheduling Post

How to Set Instagram direct scheduling Post
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I’m thrilled to share that Instagram direct scheduling is  out to you.

With direct scheduling, you’ll be able to schedule single-image posts using  Buffer (from desktop or on mobile) to any Instagram business profile. We’ll automatically post the image for you at your chosen time.

We have rolled out this feature to all users throughout the week of March 19 to March 23. Look for it in your Buffer account soon!

We’re so excited to support your Instagram success and would love to share more details about this new feature and how you can use it with our existing tools. To help you find the best results with this new enhancement, here are a few things to know about what can be posted automatically by Buffer (and all of Instagram’s marketing partners).

Which posts can be scheduled directly to Instagram?
Which posts will you need to finish in the Instagram app? (We’ll send you a reminder.)
  • Posts scheduled to Instagram personal profiles.
  • Single-image posts that are very long or very wide. Technically, we can only directly post images within the range of 4:5 and 1.91:1 aspect ratios.
  • Multiple-image posts.
  • Video posts.
While scheduling directly helps you save a ton of time for basic image posts, one of the great things about having our Reminders feature as a back-up is that it allows you to create an image or video on your desktop, and then use all of Instagram’s handy native features — like geotagging, image filters, and more — to put a final coat of polish on the post.

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