Fast Approval Tricks For Google Adsense Accounts

Fast Approval Tricks For Google Adsense Accounts
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How can I approve a hosted and non-hosted google Adsense account?".

If this question have ever occurred to you then you could need this detailed explanation.

Let's start with some explanations

Sometimes we ask ourselves or better still get asked what a hosted Adsense account really is as it is always very difficult if we wanted to buy an Adsense account from sellers to fully explain what a hosted Adsense account really mean.

Same goes for the non hosted google Adsense account as it is not always known what a non-hosted google Adsense account really is.

Let us start this detailed explanation by explaining what a hosted google Adsense account means.

Hosted Adsense account

A hosted google Adsense account is generally approved through youtube channel. This type of Adsense account is approved within two days. The ads served from the hosted Adsense account only appears on youtube, blogspot ie blogger blog and other of googles products.

This hosted google Adsense accounts do not show ads on your own self hosted websites. When you purchase your own hosting plan and host your site yourself then bear in mind that hosted Adsense will not work.

Non-hosted Adsense account

The non-hosted Adsense is fully approved which simply means that it can work on any website be it blogspot ie blogger blog or a self hosted website with a domain name.

Hosted google Adsense approval tricks

When I was using blogger platform to blog, I got approved on my Adsense after 6 long months blogging.

Virtually this year, I got some new tricks to google Adsense quick approval. This technique was applied for my clients who got their ads showing live in their websites after 10 days.

In this few steps, I will explain in detail how you can get approved for blogger Adsense in 10 days but first you must master what mistakes bloggers make while applying for Adsense.

Mistakes by bloggers

Before applying for Adsense it should be considered that your blog has sufficient contents or blog post.

See the guide below

I suggest you should have a minimum of 40 articles in your website before you apply for Adsense.

Some bloggers after following these guides will say my account was disapproved due to insufficient contents and this is where my view comes in again.

Whenever you receive the message of insufficient content, do not cray, it is advised you post upto 5-6 articles again and resubmit your application.

If you're a wordpress/blogger hosted domain name (self hosted blogger) blogger, here is how to approve a non-hosted google Adsense account easily.

2018 tricks to approve a non-hosted Adsense

. Create a blog with blogger with your preferred gmail account.

. Now buy a domain name as your blogspot blog like: I prefer .com domain but you can buy other extensions.

You can buy from

. Configure your custom domain for your blogspot blog. If you do not know use here.

. After setting up a custom domain, now you have a complete blog or website in blogger.

. Now add content in your blog I suggest 4 posts daily which is 4*7=28 posts in a week.

. You have to consider your website niche as it is one of the most important reasons behind Adsense approval in 10 days. One of the niche that gets Adsense approval fast is the educational niche or any niche related to education.

. After 7 days and 28 posts, apply for Adsense. Here with these guides, you stand yourself a 100% chance, that your Adsense application will be approved in your first attempt.

Generally, your application will be rejected due to insufficient content. If disapproved, wait for three days before re-applying and post 3-4 articles per day.

Wrap up

I hope this article cleared your doubt on what a hosted and a non-hosted google Adsense account means?

Also note that google Adsense account for the non-hosted Adsense still stands to be the best out of all the types of google Adsense accounts known.

We shall write a full description, differences and features of hosted and non-hosted Adsense in due course.

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