Youth migration and consequences illegal migrants face.- Igboanugo Chukwunonso Samuel

Youth migration and consequences illegal migrants face.
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Our youths has been possessed by this mentality to be successful in the western countries, every thing has its advantage and disadvantage, traveling abroad is good but how many migrants who traveled is successful?
question every youths aspiring to travel must abroad must answer, firstly one have to vividly take an insight to the economy of your country Nigeria, you will find out that Nigeria is the richest African country at all times, there is no way you can compare to work and live in a country were your movement is limited, to work as the migrant one must have a visa permit that will legally allow him/her to move around. Again there is a great difference between African and Western countries, African countries like Togo,Zambia,Zimbabwe,Ghana,South Africa and Nigeria dosen't have the same economy with the western countries, the western lifestyles is general expensive, so in that case the migrants should be planing to fit in to their economic lifestyle. Traveling to Usa legally which will cost you N3million and above added with your house rent, because you will not be sleeping in the road, except if you have a relative who has a house over there and willing to accommodate you, if you are planing to school or work you have to understand that for you to school over there, you must have a sponsor and probably your sponsor will take care of your feeding and other needs, starting up of a small venture in the Usa you will be looking at 10million naira and above. so you have to know that you are not going their to start serving anyone, you have to define your aim of migrating the reasons are; you are not traveling over there to start sweeping the street and cleaning. Since you are in another persons country, time will come when your movement in the usa will be validated, so you are expected to renew your visas. To be on the right side #13M can start a Multi mega business for you in Nigeria, why not put your self together and understand that "hard time never last" work with your plans and pray to God Almighty to direct you to the right pathway. Look at our brothers and sisters who illegally migrate to Lybia, there no where in the world that you can compare Lybia to Nigeria, some Nigerians who migrated to Lybia to start live all landed them to be depoted, what a misfortune to this brothers and sisters, those corporate travelling agencies who collect money from you to travel, did they refunded you. illegal migration is a risky idea and you have to understand that every desicion you take in your life, has consequences and you have to face them.


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