Parents Should Observe and keep to their Parental Responsibilities By Samuel lgboanugo

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 There are couple of children, in west Africa who are not well fed,who are sick,hawking in the street and out of school. These critical cases that brings, illness of the future society, lets take this scenario; Gowon was sent back home because his father didn't pay his school fees, and he was at home through out the week of the incident, Gowon's mother moved with gowon to her shop to give him pure water to start hawking. is this not child abuse? instead of the Gowon to read his books at home, while his father run around to pay his school fees.parents should observe and keep to their parental responsibilities at its peak. 

During a Children Journalism interview I was opportune, to have a one on one interview with the children between the age of 7-12 hawking along the market square, in my first interviews I meet a girl of 9, grace by name she told me now that she is selling groundnut to pay for her school fees, she told me that she currently in primary four(4), I asked her is your father alive?, she said that her father is late but her mother is still alive. I interviewed the boy carrying sachets of pure water, he told me that his father and mother is late that he hawks to earn a living, he told me how he pays his schools fees by selling pure water,I went further with the interview and he confined to me that he actually have people who give him this pure waters to sell after school every day in bags, which he makes profit of 50NGN per bag, he told me that he pleads with the retailers to freeze the bags of pure water, so as to make his pure water acceptable to buyers.

 I questioned the other hawking group of children between the age of 11, who sell mirinda,coke,fanta bottled soft drink, one of them said that he is samson from Ebonyi state, he told the interviewer that they sell this bottles of drinks to earn a living, perhaps he said that both of them are staying together, I asked how much do you guys make from selling the bottles of drinks? he said 20NGN per bottle sold. he also related to me that they get this drinks from the retailers and settle them after making sells. in conclusion with the children journalism analysis I learnt that majority of this children who engage in hawking are children who lack adequate parental care.

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