General Overview of Child Trafficking in West Africa

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Several investigations have revealed that child trafficking in West Africa is overwhelming, a lot of children are not staying with their biological parents as a result of child trafficking, the DNA medical technology was introduced to curtail child trafficking in the diaspora. Report said that 57% of private hospitals in West Africa partake in child trafficking. To Nigeria where there are high rise in the cases of child trafficking, there are several records of ladies who abort 8-9 months babies, and some good numbers who give birth to unwanted babies and dumb the babies in waste bin, a lot of news was carried on this incident which brought about child trafficking in Nigeria. About 40 baby factories was discovered in 2015 to date selling babies, the big question is where are the mothers of those babies? according to the biblical doctrine, mary was the biological mother of jesus christ, at this point there should be legalized ownership of every baby either with the mother or to the motherless baby homes and not a baby factories where babies are sold. A children journalism investigation was carried in out in Imo state by newsmen on with a spy camera, revealing about one doctor oheri who connive with her nurses to sell babies of every mother that gave birth in their hospital, they tell the mothers of those babies that there babies were dead. Child trafficking is illegal business medical practitioners do in their various hospitals. How can a doctor sell a baby to another desperate woman who cannot take good care of the baby. Major doctors sell this babies to make money, from the spy video report said that doctor oheri sold babies for #900,000 NGN. This piece about children jounalism on child trafficking, every good citizens and newsmen should report any act of child trafficking to proper authorities.

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