We Tell Women in Our Hospital That Their Newly Born Baby Are Dead While We Sell The Babies

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(Aljazerra African Investigating Team Told Ads4naira Media)
One of the victims whose child was sold was investigated, a lady by name Hannah speaks; in 2012 when I
was 13years old, I got pregnant and I left home, to a place where I will stay, I met a woman who said she can only help me if I will stay in a refuge home, so as to enable me give birth, the nurse took me to the refuge home, she told me that she will help me and that she will introduce me to NGO where I will give out my baby and go. I felt relaxed because of the accommodation, the woman later introduced herself as a nurse but the nurse told me I have two options, that I will give her the baby and I will not come back for the baby that if i do I will be jailed, but I wasn't comfortable with the NGO. then when I gave birth and I gave the nurse the baby and left the FAKE BABY ABDUCTION NGO.
Second Investigation carried out, we went to porthacourt where we investigated the illegal child buyers, during the investigation we were  putting on a spy camera (hidden camera) there we pretended to be desperate couples in need of babies, so we where wearing wedding rings, there we met a nurse tat said that a baby will be born next month and in the two months interval , then we told the woman who was working for doctor oheri that we need babies as fast as possible, we offers money to the woman, the woman was laughing which means that money brings laughter to their faces.

 as we have paid and registered, we got a call from destiny child center that a baby is ready to be sold, she said at she will tell the woman (mother) that the baby has died while she will give us the baby for 900k, during the investigation the Ajazerra African investigation team confirmed that some hospital widely operate in the child trafficking deals. in another hospital we visited, a nurse told us that she can help us, she called the my fellow investigator who was said to be my husband investigation and told him that she doesn't want the doctor to hear that she helped, she spoke to the level of confining to u that nurses keep secret . funny enough when the investigation team left, the nurse where saying 'oh this woman must has suffered a lot, thank god she is here' in the next investigation day, we met the
wife of doctor Oheri,  who told us that we are welcome, that abduction of child Is good to families who don't have one,so we told her that we will be coming tomorrow, so the next day we came and doctor oheri himself, who we asked how much can get us a baby, he said that it depends if we want male female or even
twice that all are available for booking, so we offered money and left to propose that we are serious, the next day we are supposed to come for the collection of the baby, so we backed off because we don't want babies that we cannot take care of in future, we have forwarded out investigation and complaint to the appropriate quarter.

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