UnilagOlodo Ibrahim Salawu: "I Didn't Rape Lady Who Accused Me"

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UnilagOlodo Ibrahim Salawu: "I Didn't Rape Lady Who Accused Me"

Remember few weeks ago, a lady shared a story of how she was raped when she visited a Blogger UnilagOlodo for the first time at night, well today the accused has took to his twitter and Instagram page to share this.

He wrote: Last month, November 25 2017, I was accused of having sexual relations without consent. My accuser alleged in storied tweets with a twitter account named @Udala__.
The story trended for weeks on end and was published on Radio, Television, digital and print media platforms. Till this very day, my social media accounts still get besieged by cyber bullies who have refused to consider my unwavering declaration of innocence.
I am using this opportunity to once again restate my case, I did not rape her. I have never had any reason to sexually assault anyone.
I wish a lot of my detractors on social media and beyond could realise that there is a great danger if their conclusions and assumptions are solely based on the narrative of my accuser.
More so, after these allegations were made against my person, I swung into action, to benefit from the protection and refuge the law could offer me, this attempt came at a huge cost to me.
I hired lawyers and submitted my petition, reporting a case of cyber bullying and criminal Defamation.
I referenced the phone numbers of my accuser to enable the police's investigation of my complaint. I could not profer any address to help direct them to a place where they could effect an arrest. This was the only cost-effective option available.
The good officers of the Nigerian Police Force have called her several times, she had promised to appear at the police station, but has failed three times.
I believe that I am now being deliberately robbed of an opportunity to clear my name, even as we journey into the new year. I will still continue my quest for a conclusive resolution of this matter.
I wish to put everyone on notice, particularly my detractors, my clients, the media, my friends, family, and trolls who continue to attack my person and livelihood.
I maintain my innocence and will continue to seek protection under law."

Source: http://mandynews.com/2017/12/31/girl-who-accused-me-of-rape-has-refused-to-honor-police-invitation-blogger-unilagolodo/
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