'Modernized Prostitution' Beauty Queen Shares Experience in Nigerian Pageant Industry

By Alago Chinwendu Angel
I was opportuned to participate in a local pageantry organized in my locality for the emergence oto represent my people, especially the young adults in our society.
You can see the desperation in most participants and the organisers.
It was like the "scramble for Africa".
MY QUESTION IS : What is the essence of Beauty pageantry? Of what relevance is it to the society?
This is my answer and thought.
Beauty pageantry gives women of different cultures and ethnicities all over the world, the opportunity not just to showcase their beauty, personality and potentials, but also their intelligence in a local and international setting.
It should be a training ground for women of virtue, to gain courage and to introduce their different advocacies especially, those who plan to take on key roles in the society, by engaging in social issues and problems.
It should be a source of help to ladies most especially for them to effectively express themselves, educate or influence people and become the voices of hope.
However, the opposite is the trend now. Most of the organisers and sponsors have turned pageantry as a means of extortion from clueless participants, where ladies most especially are exposed to lives of indecency, lies, deceit just to mention but a few, for them to meet up with the demands of these son's of Adam.
Majority of those who participate in these Pageantry organized in this part of the world, end up dejected, hopeless, depressed, some even end up taking their lives because of the trauma of the whole escapades.
Another major setback being faced in this industry is greed and dishonesty. A lot of us had being ruined for life because of these virtues.
You can be wonderful with your dealings with people, you may know all the successful icons in the society but when you're greedy and dishonest, every single empire being built by you is useless. When you deceive many people into believing in your dreams and at the end of the day, they all got disappointed, of what use is the dream?
I ask myself this question; What can we do to salvage these ugly situations?
I'm of the school of thought that, if we must organize such, it should be a ground where potentials, talents are being showcased and harnessed. Where, the best in us are being brought out for the betterment of the society.
We live in a society where immorality is the order of the day, where no one cares, where indecent living is seen as nothing, where young persons especially ladies are subjected to various sexual escapades in order for them to get what they want.
Most pageantry today can be termed as "modernized prostitution". Where both parties involved commit all sorts of atrocities just to win the crown. I'm disappointed so to say, in what I've seen and in what is still going on today.
I always wonder, what do we live for? What would we be remembered for when we live this earth? What is it in life that we can give everything for, without being concerned about money or fame?
Money, fame, doesn't guaranty everlasting happiness. Peace of mind does.
For us to understand how this life works, we must be in this world and experience it. We don't just live.
Majority of us who participate in this, do so only to widen our social horizon forgetting the primary aim of such organisation. It should be an avenue for us to get to know more about our people, relate with them and lend a helping hand where we can. It shouldn't be an avenue for wasteful and pretentious living.
Moreover, when you showcase your beauty to the world, the world should be able to appreciate God's wonders in his creation. We should be able to acknowledge and honour the beauty God has given us not the other way round.
Finally, when people becomes bold and courageous in appreciating the beauty God has bestowed on them without any form of indecency, the world becomes a better place for everyone.
When organizers and participants, understands the meaning of beauty pageantry, the industry grows to a better height.
When extortion, sexual immorality, lies, deceit, cease to exist in such industry, it will be one of the best platform for harnessing and talent display for the growth of our God given potentials.

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