How To Optimize Blog Post Title For Better SEO Ranking (A Detailed Guide)

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How To Optimize Blog Post Title For Better SEO Ranking (A Detailed Guide) 

I wouldn't say this is the first time I am writing an article based on this topic but as a matter of fact I believe I have to do this.

Few days back I published an article on "Why You Must Do Keyword Research Before Writing An Article As A Blogger" on the famous Nigerian forum "Nairaland" and a question popped up.

"How To Add Keyword To A Blog Post Or Article For Better SEO Ranking?"

At first I wasn't comfortable with the question I was asked, but I tried to answer his question fluently but I believe my answer in the forum wasn't good enough so I decided to put up an article to explain this better.

Note: when I saw hiw question I was happy somehow as my article could drive a question from audience.

If we really wanted to learn how to add keywords in a blog post or article for better SEO ranking, I think we better start with learning the SEO itself.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is considered one of the most important factors that every blogger must put to check if you ever wanted a better ranking in search engines and to increase your websites visibility, sales and revenue.

Several bloggers do not seem to take care of SEO, instead they will search for an SEO friendly theme and start publishing their numerous pointless articles aiming to nowhere.

This eventually leads their websites and blogs to got hit by Google alogrithims such as Google panda and Google penguin.

Only your blog theme doesn't account for higher search engine ranking, there are other factors which you must as well consider for better search engine ranking which is how optimized your website articles are which includes the blog title and as well the blog article body.

If you happen to have a blog of 100+ articles, it is a proven fact that only some articles of your blog will get the search engine preferred treatment (loved by search engines) and the rest other posts will not be loved by search engine.

Have you ever thought of why only a few articles are popular in your blog?

Well that is because with or without prior SEO knowledge, you might have kept a search engine friendly post title for those articles.

This I believe we have already talked about.

The Golden Rule for SEO

"your keyword should be in the post title"

Several writers make the mistake of adding keywords inside post and not taking care of the optimization for better CTR.

Having keywords in your post helps a lot I must say, but when it comes to increasing the posts CTR (click through rate), your overall post title makes the better difference.

Let's look at an example here;

. Make your blog SEO friendly (average title)

. The only guide you need to make your blog SEO friendly (title that will get you more CTR)

As stated earlier, SEO friendly title are important for better search engine rankings, it is also a must that your article have to look attractive, otherwise.................. I presume you could fix the last words?

Well if you do not know what will happen then allow me to tell you;

"no one will click on your content and no one will go in to read your article"

Having said this, let me now educate you on how to write post with better SEO ranking and increase your organic CTR and also your overall traffic.

The example title I used here is "How to get more blog traffic"

Following this article, I will make this topic more SEO friendly.

Let's Look at The Steps to Write SEO Friendly Title

I wouldn't mind repeating myself again;

. If you're new to SEO, then your keyword should be a part of your post title.

. Always write your post title after completing the post/article.

STEP 1: Analyzing the keyword of the article

Perfectly analysing the keyword of the article is the first step to making your post title SEO friendly. Several keyword analyser tools are out there such as google keyword analyser tool, Semrush, ahrefs. But I will explain how my articles are analyzed using google keyword analyzer tool.

I will write an article namely "how to get more blog traffic"

I first open google adword keyword tool

I check competitions on my main keyword

I check number of searches of my main keyword

After searching I found out that there are more searches related to the keyword "generate blog traffic" and there is low competition.

Now I have found the main keyword that I have to insert in my title which is "generate blog traffic".

I could recommend you try Semrush or Ahrefs if you are among those that love long tail keywords based on your seed word.

STEP 2: use the main target keywords to your title

Now that I have found the keyword, that I should insert it into my post title. First I said that I am going to keep my title as "how to get more blog traffic" after I inserted the main keyword in the Post's title and after I had made some changes in the title I made it as "traffic generation tips to boost your blog traffic".

The title I made now is search engine friendly and attractive too. This kind of attractive titles makes the people eager to open up your article and read it.

As it stands now, we could assure you that 80% of the job is over. How about the remaining 20%? Let's move to step 3.

STEP 3: adding numbers, the finishing touch

Congrats as you arrived here. Now it is the time to add finishing touch to the article's title. The next 20% is adding some numbers or prefix-suffix, to your title to further improve CTR. I have written seven ways for getting more blog traffic in that article. As I have written seven tips for increasing blog's traffic, I should mention "7" in the post title so I made it as;

"7 Awesome Traffic Generation Tips to Get blog's Traffic".

Kudos to you. You have made a 100% search engine friendly title for your post and that too attractive too.

Wrap up

It doesn't matter what number of the title you use, but make sure your permalink is clean. So instead of having a permalink like;


It is better you have;


Hope we solved your issue on how to write search engine optimized articles or posts using search engine optimized titles?

If yes drop your comments.

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