Dr Aroms Aigbehi Calls For Boycott Of Cow Meat.

Dr Aroms Aigbehi Calls For Boycott Of Cow Meat.
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People ask me what is the way forward? I always have the same answer. ACTION. Nigerians don't take a collective actions. The only people that have always stick with themselves are the Fulanis and Hausas. That is why they have dominated the country so long. You may not like it but it is the way it is. Edo Man will rather stick with an Hausa man than help an Esan man. Vice versa. Yet he will complain that he is being dominated. Why will he not be dominated. It is the survival of the fittest.

Everybody wake up daily and look for their own food, even the educated ones. Nobody call the other to say, what do we need to do today collectively to move our situation further. Every single victim killed by the Fulani herdsmen has a Governor, Senator, Representative, A chief and even a King or Oba and probably a Pastor. What did they do? NOTHING. Go and kill a Fulani in his hometown and see what will happen to you.

Take the Fulani Herdsmen menace. Many of us know the Fulani cattle herdsmen leaders who are orchestrating this violence by name and the security operatives know them too. In Edo State the names of some of these people are on the document on this page. I have dealt with them. They have shot at me with AK47. I stood my ground until some Edo citizens decided to help the Fulanis to finish the Job and kill me then my wife forced me to leave. So I am surprised the government don't know them.

Nigerians must one day stop talking, hissing and sighing and do something. First, the South, East and Middlebelt must stop eating cow meat. Total Boycott and demand that this mess stop otherwise nobody will eat meat anymore.

That doesn't cost anybody any money and Buhari cannot force you to eat meat. right?

However, It is the same Eastern, the Southern and the Middlebelt indigenes that will betray any leader of such movement in Nigeria to the Fulani. Why? Most of the people profiting from this cattle nonsense in Nigeria are from these regions. So The Fulani will always roam, kill and lame. It is just the start. Nothing ever gets fixed unless people work on them.

For one reason or the other, When money is involved most Nigerians have not learned to do what is right no matter what? It is barbaric and a nation of such people will never progress. In fact, it will descend into a total anarchy soon if people don't start waking up.

So Today, SHARE this Message. Stop eating Cow Meat. Buy and eat goat meat. In 3 months the Fulani Herdsmen will come to their senses.

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