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"Your Spiritual Welfare Is Our Concern" - Deeper Life Bible Church

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Deeper Christian Life Ministry was established in 1987 to formalise Deeper Life Bible Church (DLBC) started in 1973 by a mathematical Don, W. F. Kumuyi bore 1941.
Got born again in 1964.

As a man who lived his youthful years going to church without being fulfilled because of the shallow massages been preached, decided to create time from his lecturing work to dig deeper into the word of God with 15 people who desired to know more.

Their aim wasn't to form a church as there were no Sunday service as at then, (everyone goes to their church on Sunday) only Bible study on Mondays. However this change when they eventually turned it to a church and later a ministry.

The main reason for its formation has not changed from "Your Spiritual Welfare is Our Concern". Their aim is to go deeper in the things of God, hence the name deeper life. So whatever is necessary to maintain the focus is welcome, hence the church doctrine.

The church has 22 doctrines which they emphasis every meeting days, however there are other unwritten doctrines which also help in upholding the holiness nature of the church.

Yeah HOLINESS! People say the members of this church are claiming to be holier than others, sorry it's not their fault. They are told to do everything everyday to be holy, because it's the only passport to making Heaven at the end of their life on earth. The Bible says follow peace with all men and holiness without which no man will see the Lord.

Now, to make sure holiness is pursued to the end, certain things which are not evil on its own but has a tendency of evil are to be avoided. The Bible says abstains from every appearance of evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:22.

Some of these things are as follows :

1:- Television. Then television was the major source of phonography, contradicting adverts etc. So, to avoid certain things, don't watch. However, with the advancement of technology, Internet and phones, television became a child’s play. You know better now.... Live broadcasting of the gospel.

2:- Opposite sex visitation. The church doesn't encourage opposite sex visiting each other, WHY? To avoid Fornication. This gave room to one of the strict doctrine of the church on marriage. It got to a point that if you tell the marriage committee that you've visited the one you want to marry, that the church won't wed you people again..... This is what the pastor intend to change (before he leaves earth) ie. Your wedding can't just be stopped because of things that can be overlooked (didn't lead to Sin).

3:- Dressing Pattern. Yeah Dressing! For holiness sake, everyone must cover their unclothedness. No sensitive part of the body is allowed to be seen raw skin, see through or by shape. Dressing for holiness and for smartness at work is what drives dressing pattern. Anything aside these are not allowed.

4:- Drinking of Alcohol. Nothing is wrong with drinking moderately as encourage in the Bible but to avoid being drunk it's not encourage in the church. Alcohol has done more harm than good. Many can't control what they take in hence gets drunk often. Like you know, people see drunks as irresponsible people.... And who wants to teach their children to be drunk? Not deeper life people. I like Gen 9:21 and Prov 31:4,6

5:- Money. Money answereth all things. Yeah MONEY. You need money to run an organization/ministry. However money isn't the church priority. They preach less about it and don't emphasis it much. Tithes and offerings and vows are the only mean of raising money in the church, and all this means are thought to be done willingly and cheerfully. No register is kept for any giver.

In conclusion, the church isn't the world. Things mustn't be done to please the world lovers. The mission of the church is to bring people to God.

Tell your pastor to tell you more of God's kingdom and how to get there after life here on earth.
God bless us all.

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