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Why “Buhari: Beyond The Iron And Steel” Documentary Is Being Aired- Femi Adesina

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The Presidency has reacted to comments over its decision to air a documentary on President Muhammadu Buhari at a time most Nigerians are groaning with pains over the fuel scarcity the country.

The fuel scarcity across the country has grounded businesses and offices leading to over 100 per cent increase in price from the official N145 per litre.

In a statement on Sunday, Femi Adesina, President Buhari’s spokesperson, said the Presidency was aware of the complaints by Nigerians of the timing of the documentary, but that it will proceed with airing the documentary on “The Human Side of Buhari”.

Read the full statement by Femi Adesina below:THE BUHARI DOCUMENTARY: WHY WE’RE AIRING NOW

I have read a lot of reactions, particularly online, on the timing of the airing of the documentary on President Muhammadu Buhari, slated for December 24 and 25, 2017, respectively, by 8 p.m. on NTA and Channels Television.

Some of the comments are borne out of genuine concern, which we appreciate, while others are virulent, coming from inveterate complainers. Fault finding is the stock-in-trade of such people, and if they mistakenly find themselves in Heaven, they would even complain against God. They have no other pastime.

The reactions mainly dwell on the fact that a documentary showing the human side of the President (as against the well-known iron and steel) is coming at a time there is severe fuel scarcity in the country. And I say, why not? Is life all about doom and gloom? Must we sit in ashes and wear sackcloth perpetually, and ignore the brighter side of life? God forbid!

The current fuel crisis is a combination of snafu (Situation Normal All Fouled Up) in the distribution process of petrol (which the NNPC admitted at the onset of the problem), and deliberate mischief and sabotage by some marketers, who want to force the hands of government to increase the pump price. Then, the situation is further compounded by hoarding of products, and panic buying. And government is working round the clock to restore normalcy, which will come in a matter of time.

Should we then be perpetually like King Lear at his worst, and consign ourselves to the doldrums occasioned by fuel scarcity at a festive period? No. Despite the temporal pains, life must continue, and we must look at the cheery side, while government works hard to bring succour.

That is why I disagree with armchair critics, who wail at the drop of a hat. Millions of Nigerians appreciate President Buhari, love him passionately, and would watch the airing of the documentary, which shows the President in a perspective not very well known before.

It’s a spice for the holiday season, and not even ephemeral fuel crisis would dampen the enthusiasm of positive minded Nigerians.


Special Adviser to the President

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