Guy Knocked Out By Lamborghini Owner After Jumping On His £320k Supercar For Fun

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For some reason, there will always be some sets of people with an irresistible urge to mess with other people's property. We've all encountered some kind of people like this prankster who was knocked unconscious by an angry Lamborghini owner after repeatedly running over his £320,000 supercar.

Video shows he made at least one successful run across the roof of the car without being caught by the driver, who chased him off down the road.But the joker then turned around for another attempt, which wasn't quite as successful.

The man was tackled in the air by the enraged driver before he even got onto the car.
The Lamborghini Aventador SV owner, wearing bright red trouser to match his car, threw the runner into the street.

A jeering crowd look on as the driver shouts: Come on! Come on!
He then screamed: You're lucky I don't f***ing kill you right now.

When the trickster got up,the angry owner appeared to knock him to the ground.The crowd then stepped in and encouraged the car owner to just drive away. Luckily,he was able to restrain himself, which is something that many of us may not have been able to do if we were in his shoes. 

After the incident, the police interviewed the owner of the Lamborghini, named Mike Bowen,and he was able to press charges. The man's public defender had a judge release joker from custody without charge because he had no job or money. It is still unknown why the man was motivated to do this.

What would be your reaction if someone does that the your car?

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