7 Wired Videos: That Proves That Illuminati Evil Cults is Very Real

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7 Wired Videos: That Proves That Illuminati Evil Cults is Very Real

The evil cults of the Illuminati are the extremists who are in control of the identity of African people using witchcraft and illusion. They are in control over the powers of government, they are now using another one of their avenues, the gay Bureau of the Investigation. These pedophiles are the demons of this world and the sodomites children they create are possessed. They abuse children in foster homes, group homes, boy and girl scouts, detention centers, churches, and colleges. They even drug and rape their victims so that they can slowly turn the victim into a sodomite or traumatized person. These are these nasty Illuminati Freemason closet homosexuals who are in these demonic cults. These children are turned into sodomite soldiers, where they are used like MK Ultra, some of the girls are used a prostitutes, some high class, some low class. The boys are used street gangs and prison gangs. They rape the sons and daughters of prominent families so they can recruit them into these cults, like Freemason, Greek and other Satanic societies. The create child soldiers in developing countries and terrorist to blow themselves up, they create Jihadists, and community gangstalkers from homeless abused sodomites. This is all possible because sodomy, rather homosexuality, is a Satanic Sex. Satanic sex shares the demonic fluid which passes on the pedophile spirit from one human to another. The anus is near the root chakra and the kundalini can be wrongfully activated by anal penetration and forcible sex. All this comes out of sexual magic and that is the secret Key of David that these nasty Moors and what Louis Farrakhan was speaking of Elijah Muhammad had taught him. Elijah Muhammad was a Mason. The treacherous Moors that invaded West Africa, enslaving, raping and murdering wholesale were pedophile sodomite soldiers. Boko Haram are sodomite soldiers who kidnap and rape children in Nigeria and turn them into Boko Haram soldiers. This type of mind control operation was done widely in the Congo and in Uganda. The spread of sodomite demons controlled soldiers was used to destroy African empires like Bunyoro Kitara, to destroy the power of Oyo Empire of Ife West Africa, to destroy and oppress the Zulu empire, the Congo Empire, the Mali empire and the Akan Empire

All the pedophiles are Freemason and many are police officers and religious leaders.

The Demonic Pedophile Freemasons in Washington, D.C who are running the Pentagon. Creating sodomite soldiers for the CIA and other cults and intelligence agencies. The head of the Freemasonry is the Vatican Roman Catholic Church who also head the ones in the U.K. 

Lady reveals the Key of David sodomite demon conjuring sex magic of Freemasons. 

The Pentagram is a man in total submission, with his legs and arms spread, and his anus ready for penetration. Please understand that this the true meaning of the Pentagram and its use in Sex Ritual Magic conjuring of demons to embody the sacrificee. The Key is the PPenis

List of countries where children are abused sexually using sodomite mind control and morphed into child soldiers. In case you ever wanted to know this is how it is done using sodomizing of children at a very young age, then controlling them like mind controlled slaves, this is being done worldwide by the Illuminati to control societies, start wars, keep terrorism alive, etc. This exact process was done centuries ago, these type of mind controlled slaves created from abused children using sex magic demon conjuring rituals, was used to destroy and attack our ancient empire and thus put us in the state of slavery and colonialism. I don't care if some of you are too cowardly to address the darkness destroying this world but there are some that are listening. The Irunmole want to kill all you cowards and these demons that directly are involved in this. So man and woman up. This is our world being ruled over by pedophile demonic Illuminati cabal. Ase, Love Sango.

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