6 Costly Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Domain Name

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Settling For First: After deciding to create a website, you visit use a hosting company and type in a domain name. Available! Don’t purchase that name yet. Try other names, you could hit a domain name that suits the purpose of your business better and people would like.

Thinking Small: So you own a small business, who says you’ll be small forever?. A lot of business have chosen names, built a really strong reputation and then they decide to expand but they already cornered themselves by choosing a really direct and straightforward domain name. For instance, you sell shoes and then you name your website 'verashoes'dotcom. What happens after one year when you decide to start selling other fashion products? Don’t think small.

Similar to Another Business: You set up your website and in a week you start getting traffic, calls, mails, awesome right? You then find out your supposed clients called to inquire about another business that sounds like yours. Choose names that are unique so your customers don’t accidentally visit another website.

Another Meaning: As nice as your domain name might sound to the ears, write it down and ask yourself these questions. Is it easy to spell? What meaning does it have in other languages? What Does it really mean?. I have made the mistake of ignoring this but lucky for me it didn’t cost me too much.
Sometimes ago, I decided to develop a web application for managing twitter accounts. I chose a name “tweever” because it’s very close to twitter and you have to admit it really sounds nice. Here’s where I messed up, I didn’t check the meaning of the word tweever. I already designed a logo for it, only to find out later that the word tweever means someone who is slow or stupid. It was funny to me because It wasn’t costly, some companies have spent a whole lot on branding only to find out a day before launch that their really treasured name means something else

Wrong Domain Extensions: This might seem like something everybody should know but choosing the right domain extension determines to a large extent how your customers view your business. Don’t buy a .ORG domain name when your company is a commercial organization. Many tech blogs now use the .IO extension, don’t use it when your blog is an entertainment blog.

Poor SEO targeting:
 Choosing the right domain name could determine how easy or hard search engines would optimize your website. Try, if possible to use a word that would give a customer an idea of what your website is all about. A website like megawears would normally rank higher in search engines when someone searches “wears” than a website like megatrends that offers the same services. This doesn’t mean you can’t rank higher than someone with a targeted domain name.
There you have it, 6 costly mistakes to avoid when selecting a domain name.

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