Tales Of 3 Great Men By Aroms Aigbehi

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Tales Of 3 Great Men By Aroms Aigbehi
Tales of Three Men. One Muslim and Two Christians.

How Brigadier Tunde Idiagbon was better than your Mega Pastors? Wait till the end before cursing please.

Long time ago there was a Muslim soldier called Brigadier Tunde Idiagbon. He took over power in Nigeria with some friends of his. Some of these friends are still in power today.

He started a crusade called war against indiscipline. Within weeks Nigerians were queueing up for the bus and the streets were clean. People started cleaning their houses every week. It was wonderful. They were doing things Christians were supposed to be doing but demanded by a Muslim.

So, one day his friends came and overthrew him, so the war ended.

Today, when I talk about how dirty and indiscipline Nigerians are, people will say, ah! I wish someone like Tunde Idiagbon was there.

My response is, but look at yourself. You are serving a God that is much bigger than Tunde Idiagbon. Your pastors said they are men of god and anointed by the most high. Why must a Muslim Brigadier tell you how to clean you house and streets. Has it not been said in the Holy bible many times?

For crying out loud the Vice President is a Pastor of one of the biggest Churches in Nigeria. Must God come down from heaven to clean up the country?. The Vice President only have to send me a letter and I will come and lead the campaign for free. He doesn't even have to pay me for it. Is it Buhari that is stopping him to lead a campaign to clean the country as a Christian?

Is your pastor not supposed to teach you the will of God to see his kingdom here on earth? That God never shows up in a filthy place?

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