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SARS Assaults Muslim Cleric Accused Of Being A Yahoo Boy In Osun State (photos)

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SARS Assaults Muslim Cleric Accused Of Being A Yahoo Boy In Osun State (photos)
A renowned Muslim cleric and seasonal blogger, Yusuf Olalekan Abdullahia was yesterday, Friday, 27th October assaulted in Osun State by some members of security operatives believed to be from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS over alleged accusations of been an internet fraudster (Yahoo man).

JTownConnect Metro gathered that Yusuf Olalekan Abdullahia was picked up on his way going to the Friday prayer (Jumat) by the security operatives.

Read full story as shared by the victim:

One of the day I'll never forget in my life is Today., On my way to Jumat, I was stopped by an unknown guy, he asked me, "where are you heading to?

He held my hand and then dragged me to the other side of the road where a mini bus was parked. On getting to the bus, two other guys jumped out with an Ak47 all putting on black. I was like. "OMG". "This is Federal SARS", I said to myself.

The Young man sitting in front of the bus ask me to come closer, I did and he asked what I was doing? I was just confused and don't know what to say. He asked me to enter the bus without giving me chance to say a word.

I stepped in, the next question was, How many years have you been in the game? I asked, what game?, I politely told him I was on my way to Jumat, before I could say one more word, I was landed a heavy slap that got me deaf for 10 seconds.

He Said, "You're doing yahoo yahoo abi. Give me your phone and he asked me to unlock it."

He checked my Facebook messenger. The first chat he saw was the one I had with a hosting company,, because I was having issue with one of my blog so i was having a chat with their customer service.

He said, "you think am a f**l, so you're doing online dating right? I said this is domainking, I want to buy a domain name for one of my blog.

He went next to my photos, viewed all my photos but could not see anything related to yahoo. He then got angry for picking the wrong guy. Now he checked my email and saw a mail I used for my USA Google Adsense. On seeing it, One of them gave me another hit on my face, this time a heavy punch.

He ask the driver to move the bus, they took me from Tinumola area in Osogbo to Offa road along Ejigbo. That's about 2 Km if am not mistaken. On our way, they stopped at a particular place which I don't really know. Their boss stepped down with one of his boy and I was left with a lady officer and the other guys in the Bus.

The lady asked, "Where are your parents? I said they are in PH. OK, do you have someone to call around or we should we go to the station. I replied MA, please help me. She slapped me a thunder slap and said, "Do you think we are f**ls, better corporate with us.

OK. Can you afford 100k or we should take you to the station, she said. She added that, if they should take me to their office I will pay 200k and I just keep silent. Now the boss come back and asked how far, has he corp-orated. The lady replied No, rather he wanted to run away.

The boss asked me how much I have in my bank account so we can go to the next available ATM. I replied, "sir I don't have anything, please am not a yahoo guy, am just cleric and a seasonal blogger".

After some minutes, their boss asked me to come, he gave me my phone and ask me to go.

They left me all alone in an area I don't even know. I walked the whole day before getting to my destination


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