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Russia at War? Putin Says Moscow Foiled 30 Foreign Spies in One Year

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Moscow has "precluded the activities" of more than 30 foreign spies and more than 200 foreign intelligence collaborators in 2017 so far, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday at an award ceremony for the country's highest-ranking officers.
But the Russian leader, a former KGB agent, provided no proof of these claims. Putin has also boasted about thwarting foreign intelligence activities in the past. At the end of 2015, for example, he claimed Russian security agencies had exposed 320 foreign spies over the course of the year.
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As he spoke Thursday, Putin emphasized the need for the Russian intelligence community to "engage in systemic and extensive efforts, to extract and analyze existing and new information, and to forecast developments in various regions of the world, especially those close to the Russian border, with consideration for all the factors and risks related to the threats Russia might face."
The Russian president has talked a lot this week about the need to enhance his country's intelligence capabilities. "The security of Russia’s internet must be heightened, we must fight against those using the information space to spread extremist ideas," Putin said during a meeting with Russia’s Security Council on Thursday.

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