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'One Nigeria' is An Expired Drug, Dont Take it

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'One Nigeria' is An Expired Drug, l love Biafra
Ndigbo, my people have indeed suffered! No race in the world has passed through what the Igbos have undergone. Fundamentally speaking and categorically too, the actualization of Nigeria’s political independence was made possible by the untiring prowess of the Zik of Africa, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, a sage from the Land Of The Rising Sun – OBODO IGBO. If history is to be believed in Nigeria, it was this same Zik that spearheaded and prompted the relocation of Nigeria´s capital from Calabar to Lagos state to further enhance the unity of the state of Nigeria.
Historically speaking and factually too, the respect Nigeria got from their hateful colonial master was the ingenious industry and entrepreneurial competence demonstrated by the then prominently recognized African Night and Richest Man, Sir Luiz Ojukwu. This same Igbo business icon was also cherished for his magnanimity in assisting Nigeria, his country with his limousine putsch car, which was used to carry the Queen of England when she visited Nigeria in 1952. This is how good, committed, hardworking, loving and generous and patriotic Ndigbo can be in Nigeria, the country they called their own.
Despite all this and the efforts made to ensure the peaceful catchment of political independence for Nigeria, the Igbos were paid with the gruesome genocide that appears to record as world´s greatest massacre of humans after the pogrom against the people of Israel by the NAZI government.
The Seemingly fratricidal war ended with NO VICTOR; NO VANQUISHED. This was followed by the litany of anthem developed during the war to ensure the return of Ndigbo back to Nigeria. This slogan goes thus: ONE NIGERIA! Since then, it remains clear that one Nigeria is simply a mouthful slogan clandestinely invented by the Hausa-Fulani and the Yorubas to hide under and conclude their mission – TOTAL EXTERMINATION OF ALL IGBOS IN NIGERIA!
It did not work for them! The Igbos are too strong and powerful; their persevering spirit is completely humanly unfathomable! Still, in an attempt to keep them perpetually low economically, the Nigerian government gave them only N20 to start life after the war. But this did not deter Ndigbo. The started again with empty hands.
After only nine year to the end of the war, an Igbo man became the number two man (Vice President) in Nigeria, where they were given only N20 to begin life at a time the country introduced an indigenization policy that saw the yorubas and the Hausas and Fulanis taking all companies left behind by the going Europeans. To make the matter worse, all the billions of money confiscated from the Igbos by the Nigerian government were given to the Hausa and yorubas as loans to secure the ownership of all the European companies in Nigeria. Despite all these inhuman treatment, the Igbo rebounded tremendously quickly to the chagrin of their brother enemies.
At this juncture, it is important to state here that Ndigbo did not choose to leave Igbo land immediate after the war. While some went back to start life as almost slaves, many stayed back home to invest homeward. To the consternation of the north and the yorubas, four years of the second republic made Ndigbo prominent Nigerians for high rising buildings in Onitsha and Aba reemerged the indefatigable disposition Ndigbo as a people that were created to conquer. The other Nigerians were cold and confused, not knowing what to do next.
Now their Western masters, whose only fear of Ndigbo remain their prudent disposition to manage judiciously the human and material resources to the overall benefit of all Nigerians. Because these western powers feed fat from the imbecility of Africans, they ensure that no Africans of equal human ability with theirs are allowed to pilot political administration of any country in Africa. The Igbos in Nigeria have been their headache since they left Africa unhappily.
As stated above, Ndigbo were reluctant to leave Igbo land immediately after the war. The excruciating experiences of the war have taught them a big lesson. Understanding that there is no place like home, and that charity begins at home, many Igbo businessmen and importers chose Onitsha and Aba as their base. Within just three years of their experiment to invest and trade at home, the result was marvelous!
This personal growth of Ndigbo in business and industry without any iota of assistance from any government in Nigeria quickly attracted the obnoxious interest of the western powers, which saw the unseen future of Nigeria and the would-be clout of Ndigbo. These enemies of Africa´s growth called the attention of Nigeria´s federal government and instructed them thus: ‘DO NOT ALLOW THE IGBOS STAY, WORK OR REMAIN AT THEIR EASTERN HOME! YOU MUST DO EVERYTHING POSSIBLE TO BRING THEM OUT OF THEIR HOME LAND! IF THEY REMAIN IN THE EAST, THEY WILL DRAG ALL AFRICANS AND OTHERS TO THEMSELVES; ONLY IGBOS CAN DEVELOP THE COUNTRY! THEY WILL ULTIMATELY DEVELOP ANYWHERE THEY ARE; IF YOU DON’T BRING THEM OUT, THEY WILL DEVELOP SO EXCEEDINGLY THAT NO ONE WILL TAKE NOTICE OF ANY TRIBE IN NIGERIA IN JUST FIVE YEARS!´
Grossly confused at the warnings of their Western masters, the federal government of Nigeria asked; ´WHAT CAN WE DO? HOW DO WE ACHIEVE THIS? THEY ARE ALREADY ESTABLISHED IN THE EAST!
This is how the Igbos were forced to return to Lagos and Kano to do business. What the Western powers advised their Nigerian government against Ndigbo has completely happened as the reigning markets in Lagos today became strong and popular only when Ndigbo in Onitsha, Nnewi and Aba left the East and relocated to Lagos when they could no longer cope with the frustration from the Nigerian customs, who keep them and their goods on the road for days without any definable reasons.
Today, Ndigbo have developed all major markets in Lagos. They have also built many markets with their own hard earned money. They have built houses in Lagos, developed estates and now, after all said and done, listen to the words of Lagos political leaders and the Coalition of Lagos indigenes:       
● “…Henceforth, the position of ‘Eze Ndi-Igbo in Lagos’ will not be allowed anymore.” — Governor Ambode speaking recently at Badagry.
● “Computer village and Alaba Intl market will be moved to outskirts of Lagos to allow for Government proposed plans for those areas. Ladipo market will be moved to Lagos-Ibadan expressway because the present Ladipo market is meant to be government owned hospital site. ” — Governor Ambode speaking at same location.
● “Lagos is not a colonial settlement. It is owned by Yorubas.”— Ambode as quoted in same place.
● ” We are excited about this news and we thank the Governor for implementing the real master plan of Lagos to relocate computer village and Alaba Market to Lagos-Ibadan expressway, and also that the Ladipo market land master plan is for public hospital.
With this giant stride to reclaim our land from imposters (Ndi-Igbo), we thank the spirits of our ancestors of obas of lagos on behalf of oba Riliwanu Akiolu Aremu,and all the past obas of Lagos.
We wish to state no Yoruba sons and daughters should employ non-indigene in our ministries or local goverment in Lagos state anyone that does otherwise will be.
haunted by the spirits of our obas and ancestors.
We thank God for Yoruba warriors led by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu working tirelessly to reclaim Lagos back from those claiming its a no man’s land.
He that hath an ear let him ear.
Itesiwaju Eko lo je wa logun!!!!! “—- Coalition of Lagos State Indigenes, August 2016.

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