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Call Me Afikpo Chic - Ebonyi Lawmaker [Maria Ude Nwachi]

Call Me Afikpo Chic - Ebonyi Lawmaker [Maria Ude Nwachi]
Hon. Maria Ude Nwachi popularly referred to as Afikpo Chic, is the lawmaker representing Afikpo North East Constituency in the Ebonyi State House of Assembly. She is also the founder of the largest Igbo only online gathering,Igboist Facebook group, in the world; created in 2012. In this interview with PUNCH Correspondent Clement Nnachi, she shares her experiences as a lawmaker.....Ex
QUESTION ......Could you give us an insight of your Biography
ANSWER..........My name is Maria Ude Nwachi otherwise known as; Afikpo Chic, BCEL - Best Chic Ever Liveth , Nwanyi Afikpo & Ude Ehugbo. I was born in Ozizza community, Afikpo, Ebonyi State. I left Nigeria for the United States of America when I was 19 years old, in 1989. When I came back to the country in mid 2000, I got involved in Social Media related matters, news dissemination, and Fashion designing. I was one of the early people that started News on Facebook Nigeria. I started Igboism online in Nigeria through Ndi Igbo Facebook page, created in 2009, which was then the home of all Igbo online. In 2012; I moved into Image-making, a niche I effortlessly calved for myself, as I am the only one that does this rare and unique style of image-making in this nation. I manage Facebook Accounts/Pages & Social Media Accounts for top companies and establishments, top prominent men/women of the society; including governors and oil magnets. The first time I practiced image-making was for Jeb Bush in 2002, during that year's contentious Guber election, in Florida, USA. Jeb Bush won that election. It was not easy, but he won.
I am also a Photographer, I personally take the photographs of all my clients and equally do a very special type of editing. When I edit a Picture you will never believe that it was touched. It would simply look stunning, flawless but very natural. Whatever I do, I do with uncommon dedication. I can spend 10 hours or more just to edit less than 12 photos of a client. I will pay attention to every detail, see flaws no one will even notice, and correct it. I am a perfectionist when it comes to work, and leave nothing to chances when I am handling any job
QUESTION......At what point did the name "Afikpo Chic" became synonymous with your identity.
ANSWER......that happened the moment I actually returned back to Nigeria. When I blasted "Afikpo Chic" on the plate numbers of my Tundra and Hummer Jeep; and other rides, no one needed to be told that I am Afikpo Chic; and that I should be so called. I am very Igbotic by nature. I love Igboland, I love my town of Afikpo so much. I am never completely happy in this life unless I am in Afikpo. So I needed everyone to know that I am Afikpo Chic. I can be happy anywhere but for me to have full happiness I have to wake up in my bed knowing that I am in my home town Afikpo. Once I do that I have this special happiness that engulfs me.
QUESTION........What informed your decision to embrace politics particularly the Progressive People's Alliance (PPA).
ANSWER.........I am sick, tired and disgusted in the manner Politics is played in Nigeria. Unfortunately women that are opportune to be elected into political offices do not live above board . Women that are supposed to be mothers, they are stealing just like the menfolk and stocking it in their pockets. If I ever loot N1billion, N1.1 billion will go into people, it wouldn't be for Maria Ude Nwachi. So I am just disgusted at the manner Politicians of this country behave. So I decided to come and show something different and be selfless; and I am doing that now and I want to lead by example. I walk my talk.
As I am talking to you not a penny since I occupied this office has gone into me; every thing goes into my constituency. I have other means of income; so that was not hard at all. I don't have any idea of how my salary as a legislator looks like. I use it to get a loan and give out contracts to do certain things in the Constituency. Basically 70% of my resources in whole goes out for the betterment of my constituency and beyond. I would be one of the richest people you know, if I did keep my money to myself; like it's the norm. I went into politics because I wanted to lead by example; and show Nigerians how politics is supposed to be done. I also want the world to see and believe that a black African politician can put those he leads first before his/herself. I am living my words.
My joining the PPA doesn't mean anything. I didn't even know anything about them. I was looking for a Political Platform and since every where was blocked and more importantly Election time was imminent. I was confident that I will secure my victory no matter which party affiliation I belong. So as nature would have it my and eventually I won under PPA. The agape love my people have for me was my confidence. It was no surprise that even under an unknown party, and having never participated in any type of politics in my life, they overwhelmingly elected me, under PPA.
QUESTION.....In which areas/sectors specifically have you impacted positively on your Constituents
ANSWER......A week after I was elected, I sourced over N100 million of my personal money to commence projects long ago in my constituency, not Constituency Funds.
Philanthropy, giving or dashing, is my daily life and not a big deal to me. It is only when I don't have that I don't give out. That is just my normal life. That said; I am a mother in all ramifications. I know what my Constituents need before they even make their demands.
I gave out the Contracts for the construction of the Bridge that connects Mater hospital in Afikpo town and I fixed it with millions of naira and it was completed. Prior to my intervention, people were falling inside the bridge and casualties recorded.
Besides I have installed water at Afikpo Divisional Police Headquarters and Area Command Headquarters costing me millions of naira. Right now I am building a modern toilet at the Eke market in Afikpo. These and others are the ones I am doing with my own personal funds; it has nothing to do with Constituency Projects. I am not even proud of anything at the moment because I have not done enough of what I really need to do, but I am doing the best I can.
QUESTION.......How would you assess its performance state governor, Engr. David Nweze Umahi.
ANSWER.......I live in Afikpo. I go to work from Afikpo. The reason is that Governor Umahi has fixed the once nightmarish Afikpo/Abakaliki road. And this, he is replicating this stride in every nook and cranny of the state. Making sure roads that once reduced the lifespans of its pliers are now very smooth and beautiful. He is in a hurry to develop the state, and he is not relenting. What I love most about him is that he appreciates talents, and he is a very straight forward politician.
QUESTION.....As a member of an opposition party in the House (PPA), that is dominated by members of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), has your views/opinions to issues been given prominence.
ANSWER.......Actually, there have been very nice to me, I was even surprised that they have been nice to me. The Speaker carries me along, to the best of his ability.
Question.......Do you intend to defect to ruling All Progressive Party (APC) or any other Political Party of your choice.
ANSWER....What are my defecting for and what is the need for that? What is the difference between that party and the current one I am currently in? I am not going back to the House of Assembly. For me I don't value Political Parties in Nigeria for anything. They have no ideologies. If you like take me to party DDD or AAA party, I will enter. It is not party that is the problem. But there has to be something in it for me because I need a reason to go somewhere to and get something super-good for my people.
QUESTION......Before now you use to feature in an "On-Air Personality"(AOP) and author of Miss America; called" The Howard Stern" show, how were you able to achieve such feat?
ANSWER.......You know that when you are a Star, definitely you remain a Star no matter what.I believe that due to the things that happen to my life that I am naturally a Star. In America I was like doing a lot of things. I got into Internet too early. I went to America in 1989, and in the same year we were the first in America to Chat and to start Blogging. It was not called Blogging then.
I was active and I love talk Radio. In America Talk-Radio is very popular. The Stars of Talk Radio are even popular than the Stars of most movie musicians. So one of them, Howard Stern, was like a literary God to me . I was always a Guest in his Show. Anytime I made appearances it will be a hit. Many enjoyed my appearances and loved me for it. The Show got me a lot of fame and money.
Due that that fame; If you want me to appear in any of your Shows, events, or for advert & promos, you will pay me from One Hundred Thousand dollars to Three Hundred Thousand dollars and higher.The fame exposed me to so much and I made so much off it then. I was also the first black person to own a shop, a fashion house, in the exclusive high brow Worth Avenue in Palm Beach Florida. It was also in America that I learned photography and photo editing. But practice is what makes perfect. And many other things I can beat my chest and say, to get that done, and done very well, you must seek the services of AFIKPO CHIC.
QUESTION......Any activity for the youths? Do you like EPL?
I am not a Football enthusiast. I love football not for me but for the Boys. I always sponsor football tournaments even before I was elected. But recently, I sponsored a tournament called "Maria Unity Cup, for Afikpo as a whole.By December 2017, I will sponsor a Football tournament for the people of Ebonyi South zone.
QUESTION......what extra-curriculum activities do you indulge in at your leisure time.
ANSWER..........I neither drink alcohol nor smoke, my idea of fun is dancing. I am workaholic and one thing that can raise my happiness quotient instantly is dancing.
QUESTION....May we know your next Political ambition..
ANSWER.......My future Political ambition is that I want to go higher than I am today. I want somewhere better than this. I am the HOPE of my people. Let my people just have something good and solid, that's all.
QUESTION....What is your Reaction to alleged criticisms concerning your dress code..
ANSWER....I dress in the same way almost a 100% of the time which is either wax wrapper and blouse or wax gown, even if I am going to meet the president of the world, I will wear it; with my rubber sandals, that means so much to me. Many think it's too simple and does not reflect my status and my response is always that it's my choice and it makes me feel good. I don't see much controversy on it as people have gotten used to seeing me on them.
QUUESTION.... Your Comment on the Gift of a Jeep from the Executive that caused controversy Question ..
ANSWER...There is no way I would have driven that jeep if was okay for me to sell it. For 4 good months after it was given to us, I did not even look at it and neither did I even know nor ask where my manager; Iheukwumere Okogwu Otu, packed it. But I had to obey when I was told not to sell it by the government. I just wanted to use the proceeds for something that literally everyone in Afikpo will benefit from. There is nothing the people of Afikpo will not do for me, and I always wanna do things that reduces my comfort for them. I will sacrifice anything to see smiles on their faces.
QUESTION...Your opinion on Public perception of your flamboyant lifestyle.
ANSWER....Flamboyant lifestyle? I lived the life of an American movie star in my days in America, I was an IT girl, wore and bought every luxury money can buy. I have seen it all when it comes to decadence and shocking & extreme luxury. At a point in life in Manhattan NY, when I walk into any Versace store, the store will go on an immediate lock-down and they won't let anyone in, no matter who you are. I can drop 2 million dollars at a go, buying their furniture, clothing, and everything buy-able. They even used my Manhattan pad which was pure a Versace product home for Versace photo shoots. This just gives you a glimpse of the life I have experienced and lived; that is why today, I prefer extreme simplicity. My major aim in life today is service, to be of value and service to others. To be a selfless Nigerian politician who serves herself last, that is my aim now. Not flamboyance and materialism which I have already lived in the days of yore, that no longer hungers me nor mean anything to me.
QUESTION....What are your final words...
ANSWER.......Any talk or meeting in this nation that does not involve giving us 24 hour steady light is a non-starter. Very very little can be achieved without steady light. The national money that has been looted by even a few of them would have been more than enough to do this. Be that as it may, GIVE US STEADY LIGHT, simple.

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