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When A Man Truly Loves A Woman

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I know many will be expecting to read long list of signs to know if a man truly loves a woman but the simple truth is that a man can show all those signs and still may not really love the lady.

I have read that when a man loves a woman he will treat her with respect,she will always be on his mind,He compromises for her sake,he touches her in public,He takes care of her,When he talks about the future,she is always in it bla bla bla... but the honest fact is that all these are also signs of initial gragra syndrome or telemudo love.

I believe that a man will naturally love a woman who seem to do his bidding or act romantic and makes him happy but how will he react if there is a tilt in the emotional balance?.

A man can spend millions for a lady and may not truly love her and many guys even propose marriage to ladies for several reasons asides true desire for her.

In my opinion,it is not really about how many years you have been with a man that matters but until a man's love for a woman is really tested by turbulent situations in the union,no woman should conclude that her man truly loves her.

The simple fact is that when a man truly loves a woman,nothing on earth will make him leave her and she will remain his numero-uno against all odds till death do them part.

And this piece also applies to a woman's love for a man.

My humble take

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