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SARS officers Arrested Me For having A Social Media (kik) App On My Smartphone


Like an hour ago, I was at the back sit of SARS vehicle with handcuffs in my hands. They said am a Yahoo boy for having a kik application on my smartphone.

I was traveling from Omu Aran to ilorin, I pressed up, wearing my blue Jean, T shirt, my newly bought African shaped neck chain and All stars sneakers. So the journey began and we passed the first police check point and few minutes after continuing the journey, we got to SARS people (at a junction in about entering Oke Onigbin town) and we were told to come down (all boys), I first feel scared but also I have nothing to be scared off cause I have the receipt for all my gadget with me, so I keep calm and answer his question perfectly. He check my pocket and found my two phones (Lumia 535 and Infinix Note 2), he check my bags and found my belongings (books, wires and my laptops), he asked if I have the receipt and I answered yes. Then he said I should unlock my phone (Note 2), I did and he start checking then he saw a social media app (KIK) on my phone, he asked if am a "game boy" and I said yes, all my mind was he is asking about video games because I have up to 20 games on my phone. He check other guys then told me to follow him, I did and he said "it's good that I don't lie", he asked my school and my name and I told him. Then from no where he said am a "Yahoo boy", the soul in me seems to left my body that moment, I realise am in big soup and I start swearing on everything that comes to my mouth. I deny his allegations then he start frowning and threat to destroy my career in school and that I will go to jail if I didn't confess, so I decided to come down to his level and ask how much to settle him, he said 20k, I started begging but he's desperate and then he called his boss, an old man, to my surprise he also lay the same allegations and all I can do is start begging and swearing am not a Yahoo boy.

After begging and rejecting their allegations, I was told to sit behind their vehicle, I did and they close the door on me while one of them keep saying they should handcuff me, I keep rejecting their allegations and then the guy earlier attempted to slap me right in the vehicle I sat in, he then decided to handcuff me from then. They start claiming they will destroy my life, that I agreed to been a Yahoo boy and then I started denying it again. I decided to keep shut and wait till my dad comes since we are not too far from home and I have signal to my brother (we both traveling together) to call my dad which he did, I waited and didn't talk to them anymore. Every cars passing were all looking at me right behind the vehicle, I felt embarrassed.

My dad came and they attended to him, they tell him what they said I am (yahoo boy) and that I have admit it, he knowing fully well who I am, told them that I am not and he knows fully what I do online. He told them that I am an importer and also work online as a freelance graphic designer. They said the app is for Yahoo boys and not app to import goods. I can't help but burst into tears because am presently embarrassing my dad along with me.

The boss then show my dad an app on his phone but my dad doesn't know anything about this stuff, the boss told me to explain what happened in front of my dad, I did and he ask why I have those apps on my phone, I explain am an importer and also an online person but he left and asked the first guy to attend to us. So my dad asked what the solution is since he knows they all want money, I didn't hear what goes next but he later gave them 2k after demanding for 5k, they removed the handcuff, gave my phone back to me and we left.

I have never experienced anything like this in my entire 20 years on earth, I only hear it but it happened to me today. It makes it my first time in their car or police car and first time of been in handcuff (which breaks my heart).

This is purely violation of human right and I regret that I have no evidence to follow this up. But never can I forget their faces on this earth.

***The app (Kik) is a social media app which I used to chat with a friend in Los Angeles, not a very common app in Nigeria but one of the most used app in USA making it the only social app to connect with her.

If this is what Nigeria has become (became), then it's a sad story.

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