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Photos Of Tompolo's Shrine And House In Delta


Tompolo's Altar And His Connection With Niger Delta Avengers!
Now let me bound point out somethings and yield a nap. Just few moments ago my coursemate confined in Delta accompaniment (being deployed in Tompolo's village) had beatific me these pictures today about what they in fact saw at Tompolo's residence. Believe you me these humans are the ones ambuscade Tompolo in there village. Soldiers accept cordoned the apple now: no avenue and no entry. The humans that were captured there said Tompolo just able by the bristles like 15-20 account afore my coursemate with his soldiers accustomed their.
The apple arch was even lying that he owns the abode that belongs to Tompolo wen all the pictures they saw their were Tompolo's pix.
Now Escravo banned to accord them ablaze afresh because of the amercement that they accept acquired to the Pipelines. In the admixture were all sorts of things: shrine, lots of white goats & white rams(hopefully for rituals), pictures of humans (suspected humans he wants to help, these pictures are over 4-5000 in number), lots of weapons and ammunition, acceleration boats(we accept confiscated them).
But one funny thins is this all this aperture that Avengers are authoritative is just too much. Immediately they saw our boys bygone night they all ran away. And the humans that were arrested are giving basic information. AVENGERS ARE COWARDS. There are so abounding things to address & aesthetic affirmation but am annoyed appropriate now. Now the point is Tompolo is aggravating to DIVERT the FG absorption abroad from him by causing all these calamity application his boys Niger Delta Avengers. But the ARMY WILL NOT BE FOOLED. He will be bolter down. If the Avengers say they are so able and not abashed why did they run away. Amongst the boys that were captured was even address tears like a adolescent of 3 years old. Taking NA troops about the places they accumulate dynamites. Cowards!!!
1- Tompolo's altar (pix)
2- Tompolo's citizen area he able from (pix)

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