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Bankyw Responds To Girl Who Begged Him To Slid Into Her DM


So, two days ago, Bankyw posted on his Instagram, a photo of his married friends – Tunde Demuren,Ebuka Obi-Uchendu and Olamide Adedeji all wearing their wedding bands and wrote, ‘Last Man Standing? #TSquared2016 #GodWillProvide’.
An Instagram user wrote him an open letter asking him to slide into her Direct Message, (DM), so they could talk the possibility of marriage.

Her open letter reads: " So come in here this article is for you. I have a feeling you're dating someone under the radar. If you aren't dating right now then I'll be forced to start worrying about you. I'm tired of seeing you being the best man/grooms man at your friends' weddings.
You are talented, successful, fine and a Christian brother. Are you still looking for celebrity girlfriend? Will you not follow in the footsteps of your buddy@noble_igwe and pick a hardworking, beautiful civilian and live life happily and peacefully ever after?
I hear your sister is in town for the first time in a while, has she come to look for wife for you? Tell her to "whole up"! Let's Try this first: Slide into my DM quickly before it's too late. I'll consider you if you treat me like the gentle man your snaps show you to be
Tick Tock...Tick Tock.... Time waits for no man
#bankyw #whenwillyoumarry #single#livingsingle #itgoesdownintheDM #EME#proffessionalbestman ##nigerianwedding #sundayhumor#sundayhumour #tsquared2016#tsquare."

BankyW, replied 'Lol... Well then.'
The rest of the conversation below 

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