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The Falling Naira Against The Dollar And How It Will Affect Nigerian Bloggers -

The naira is quickly falling and nobody seems to be doing anything about it. Our President , Muhammadu Buhari isn't making issues better. As It stands he sacked the NNPC Board of Directors And He is yet to appoint a Minister Of Petroleum Resources. We all know that Nigeria's main source of income is from Crude Oil. Buhari promised to make $1 = N1 , yet we are seeing something worse than we expected, The fact that The APC accused the former president Goodluck Jonathan and Dieziani Allison Madueke (The previous Minister Of Petroleum Resources under the Goodluck Jonathan Administration) for being the cause of the fall of the Naira.

Every Nigerian can testify that the Naira has dropped more than 3 times since Mr Buhari came into power. Coming to the blogosphere, Almost all transactions bloggers make online are done in dollars.
A .com domain name on GODADDY costs around $9.99 which was previously around N1798 when a dollar was equal to N180 now it costs N2417 (an addition of N619). However, Bloggers can escape this by using coupons. You can check for godaddy coupons on google or here on my blog. Coupons would reduce the cost of the domain. A $0.99 coupon can get you a domain for N239.

Webmasters And Bloggers Using Google's Blogger are safe since Google hosts their blogs free of charge. However our counterparts on Wordpress and Other self hosted platforms would face something quite different. Yearly hosting On GODADDY costs around $46 which is an equivalent of N11,132 (previously Around N9000). The falling dollar poses a huge threat to webmasters,

However, For those who have Google Adsense On Their Blogs, They are safe if they keep having a high CPC ( cost per click) . Their earnings would keep them safe till the fall of the naira affects the price of goods,

High earning/spending bloggers who are also running ads on Facebook would be forced to reduce their ad budgets, Adwords Advertisers are not left out as well.

Many bloggers would be forced to remain on a sub domain , which is not good for many of us, Only Linda Ikeji has survived with a sub domain. However any blogger on a sub domain is never respected.

Domain names command authority and the fall of the naira will certainly affect us.

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