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How To Become A Successful Blogger In Nigeria

To become successful here in Nigeria as a full-time blogger,making your living online,to be honest with you,i must say this even if you're not ready to accept it,"you must be ready to work extra miles more than other countries blogger".If you accept this fact,then follow my step guide to become a successful blogger from scratch.

The first step to become a successful blogger is to get your lap-top first.This may be funny to you,but i have seen so many "newbie" blogger depending on "cyber cafe" to do blogging.This won't help you at all,in-fact your supposed journey of one year will take five years if not more than.Blogging is a time consuming and hard work,most of the time, i do my blogging job at can be at cyber cafe all the time at night.Sometime, i spend 10 straight hours on my much will you pay for that in a cyber cafe?There are 1 million and 1 things associate with blogging,depending on cyber cafe won't help.Blogging is a real job,treat it like your 9 to 5 day job.Get the tools needed.ASAP.

The next step is to get trained on the tricks and tips of professional blogging,to do this you will need to be ready to follow instructions and ready to spend money and time.join bloggers group,mingle with people of the same aims and goal as related books,but don't buy crap.visit other blogs in your niche area see what they are doing,and learn how to do it also.practice on your writing skill regularly.Blogging is all about writing.

This third step may sound also funny to you,but i tell you ,for me is the most crucial step to any successful online venture.Get unlimited internet access.anything short than that will slow down your learning progress.When i was still settling for limited internet access,sometimes when i came across a useful video i need to download and watch later,maybe the video is about 135mb and all i have left is 50mb.That video is gone,the chance to learn from it also is waste.You won't even work on a site properly as you're supposed to.

The fourth step is,don't wait till you learn every thing start immediately you have your lap-top and internet access even if is limited internet access.As you journey along you will discovered the right lane to follow.I didn't know how to set-up a wordpress blog when i first design my blog,all i did was,i bought hosting and install the software and started mumble jumbo with the dame thing.

The fifth step,continue learning ,don't stop.Blogging is an ongoing process,so continue moving to the next level.One important advice here is "Google is your Friend" when ever you discover something and you don't know how to go about it,Google it my brother.

The six step,build readership and trust first between you and your audience before thinking of monetizing your blog.don't put the money first,it won't will kill the very thing you came to achieve before you get started.

enough of the sermon,i started blogging for money from the scratch without a physical mentor or teacher,i learn from the internet and cyber mingle,such as forums and bloggers group.Get started.

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