CASE 4: Do ghost really exist on earth

Precious Nwuye Obinna
Wen i was 8yrs,i saw ghosts (Dis is no joke)tho i neva kw it was ghosts i saw until i tld my Mom abt it and d reactions i got wen i saw them...
The story:::Dis hapnd wen i was staying in Umuahia with my wicked uncle’s wife,she had a provision shop and sold bread as well..She always woke me up at 4am to go to bakery to buy bread and d road to d bakery was dangerous..I would always cry and prayed while walking on d deadly dark road (a road wia u wil see human bone and skull and bush baby do cry in dt same road)
One day,smbdy walked passed me and i greeted he/her no respond;i immediately turn to look at d person i didn’t see d person again (chia,my head swoll ehhhhhhh with goosebumps)den,anoda day, it hapnd again (dis tym d r more dan two) i greeted dem no respond and d walked passed me with speed,i jux pick

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