Fake News Destroys Love Among Citizens -Ads4nairablog Publishers Ads4nairaBoss Engr. lgboanugo Samuel

Fake News Destroys Love Among Citizens -Ads4nairablog Publishers
Ads4nairaBoss Engr. lgboanugo Samuel consistency in mass media has made his outfit relevant to the conception of new media in Nigeria. during Ads4nairablog publishers visit in Abuja with his media team he told the press the need for conventional and new media to abstain from fake news, he said that media impacts on high degree of uniformity is the watchword to the press, the media mogul calls on the press to handle reportage with standardized methodologies. 40% of news published on prints and online are all fake news which is problematic to the society, he went ahead to warn the political action committee who go on facebook to spread fake news and propaganda to cause havoc in the society. the phenomenon, fakenews has cause in our society is very tourtous, it has caused hates,calamity and confusion. he called on bloggers,journalist and reporters to work inline with the power of imagination, adopting on the media focus to see, touch and feel happenings. media industries should apply systematic level to their reportages and productions. Ads4nairablog Publishers calls on the online users to avoid any form of predictions come 2019 general election, in a clear description he spoke on the need for news readers to explore every reports they read to confirm its authencity. he promised that his media medium Ads4nairablog will work tirelessly to kick against fake reports come 2019 general election, every good Nigerian should not be part of online political tyrants or partake in any form of enthnomethodological social media war, he reveals how fake reports tends to be pragmatic. he encompassed that conceptualization of media in Nigeria has been of adopted comprehensive development. Nigerians should act in the fear of God, online users who share fake news on facebook has made citizens to live in hates, every good citizen of Nigeria should act inline with pluralism, everyone should learn to act with love, and avoid prejudice, every good citizen is expected to get his permanent voters card and perform your civil role in 2019 general election, the politicians should avoid any form of political efficacy to win election by force and let the political aspirants allow the people to vote in power and May God renew his love to the lives of every Nigerian.

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