School Kids Kidnapper Confess As He Was Caught In Umuokpu , Awka Ananmbra State

In less than an hour ago (Yesterday July 17th) , a young guy drove into St. Paul's Anglican Church umuokpu-Awka ,a community primary school is situated in the church yard.
As their graduation ceremony was about to end. and lured two Little kids of 2 and 4 years into his knee in a kidnap attempt.
As God had it, the culprit was apprehended and beaten thoroughly. The village vigilante service took him away to hand him over to the state police.
Then I wonder what gave the wicked boy the mind to kidnap someone's flesh and blood, definitely for ritual purpose. The will never be peace for the wicked.
The idiot confessed that it was just for a mere 50,000 Mayra and that his other colleague has completed his own assignment.
I am still in bitter tears, our kids are no longer secured.
God help us.

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