What Makes A Man More Attractive To Women

What Makes A Man More Attractive To Women

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 based on experience, i have come to realized that what really matters is quite a pretty small list.
and it can be any of the following based on their order of importance:

Self Confidence: of course how would you look talking to her in the first place without having this quality. infact it is very important that you can get laid with it, without having number 2 below

Good Looks: Like seriously, do i need to emphasize on this one. i don't wanna sound too cocky, but i am a living testimony to that fact. cool cool

Dope House: it doesn't necessarily have to be large or big. it should look comfy and feel manly enough.

Large Car: Think Rolls Royce, Bentley etc. but as long as you have a car, trust naija girls 

Large Bank Account: 7–9 figures baby. come to think of it, how do you expect to roll and meet with ladies dope enough. am not talking about the ones you can scatter their kpekus with just 600 naira mat-ice ice-cream

Large Muscles: Kinda Cute uh. trust me, if those guy catch your babe in za other room. better start preparing your mind to avoid story that touch. am not talking about the ones on steriod oo. think of those ones in the local gym in your area.

Large Heart: Which girl no like enjoyment. trust me, with just 5k you can earn one week of free kpekus 

Large Brain: Am talking about the the Smart ones, not the booky types sha. with the right type of voice and and a lil bit of manipulative techniques, you can virtually get any lady of choice.

Large Hands and Large Feet: believe me, most ladies use these to gauge the package. you can thank me later

and last but it can never be the least there is nothing as important as a Large, eh, “Package”. because at the end of the day, when all things above is done and settled, it all leads to the other room. 
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